A General Reading

  • Would appreciate a general reading. Doesn't matter whether psychic, cards, astrology. A lot happening. DOB 02-03-1960, Capricorn Rising, Moon in Aries, Work sector in Virgo, Home in Leo, All other planets grouped under Capricorn with exception of Pluto which is in occult sector. If I need more info let me know.

  • Dalia,

    Would appreciate a general reading: go on your own way following your own light.

    Get rid of your stagnant contents once and for all. Blameless, if you marry to give your children a home.

    DOB 02-03-1960: this means a SECRET of some kind. It is certain that you will go through some sort of death and rebirth, or at the least, some important and powerful changes. Another facet is the desire for work. You are preparing to launch a new job or occupation.

    You are as big as your consciousness

    never more, never less. That's why there is so much

    appeal in drugs, because they chemically force your

    consciousness to become a little wider than it is. LSD

    or marijuana or mescalin, they give you a sudden

    expansion of consciousness. Of course, it is forced and

    violent and should NOT be done. And it is chemical --

    it has nothing to do with your spirituality. YOU DON'T

    GROW THROUGH IT! Growth comes through voluntary effort.

    Growth is not cheap, not so cheap that just a small

    quantity of LSD, a VERY small quantity of LSD, can give

    you spiritual growth.

  • Dear Hans, Thank you. Yes, I've gone thru death and rebirth several times. You hit the nail on the head with the job. Yes, recently I've seen programs on LSD and psychadelic drugs. Would be nice to experience under a controlled situration but have never tried it. Can't afford prescription either. Recently, I have done something altering. You know it does expand that part of the brain so that we experience reality in a different light. I am happiest when I am constantly moving, multi-tasking. Helps keep you thin, also. Would you expand on the secret that you see or feel. Is it--be honest when tackling this problem I'm having or something else. I believe that I've had to face many issues that most people have not. Could you expand on this for me. Your correct. Growth is not cheap and has to be your own.

  • Dalia,

    expand on the secret Is it I'm having or something else: neither nor. It has something to do with time and why you are chasing it so much.

    expand on this for me: return after return after return. Risky, but never a mistake.

    You are an empress, be the empress of your life.

    The young father was pushing the crying baby down the

    street with what appeared to be absolute calm and

    self-assurance. People on the street could hear what he

    was saying as he passed.

    "Take it easy, Nasrudin," he said. "Don't let it get

    you down, Nasrudin, you will soon be safe back home.

    Things will be all right, Nasrudin, if you just keep


    One motherly type woman waiting for a bus, heard and

    saw the young father and said to him, "I think you are

    wonderful the way you are taking care of the baby."

    Then she leaned over to the baby and said, "Now, don't

    cry, Nasrudin, everything is going to be all right."

    "LADY," said the father, "YOU HAVE GOT IT ALL WRONG.


  • Dear Hans, Thank you. I don' t know how to respond to this post as it's accurate. I am teaching again. Elementary. There are many ADD children. It's good to give back instead of taking. Seems taking instead of giving is what is getting everyone in trouble. These kids are giving. But in the classroom need to be receiving. I worry about them. Maybe part of my lesson is to calm down (like your story.) I do chase time but I enjoy it. But your right, I can enjoy it but not chase it (makes you crazy.)

    OK, here's another: Fairly new relationship. He's 08-12-1943. Some roadblocks to begin with but have passed. Was given a sign early-on. In wood grain of his computer desk it says clear as day LIVE.

  • Dalia,

    OK, here's another: go on your own way following your own light.

    But what have you got?

    It is a good opportunity.

    I hope you will understand what I am writing.

  • Dear Hans, Thank you. I will write you later regarding my mother. Thanks for taking the time w/this.

  • Dalia,

    on Mother's Day her husband presented her with a

    beautiful skunk coat.

    "I can't see how such a beautiful coat comes from such

    a foul-smelling beast," said the mother.

    "I don't ask for thanks, dear," replied the husband,

    "but I do demand respect."

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