Darkness_angel, IT'S NOT FOR A READING:)

  • HI Darkness_angel, sorry to bother you,

    You had used your gifts to help Amantim here on tarot a while back and i am not sure if you are still in contact with her."she had asked a question about her nephew concerning "shadow people" (just to refresh your memory if you need it) I choose that thread because you had help her allot.

    She also has gifts that help us on tarot like your self...

    There's a few of us who have been very worried about her, she had a cesarean done,which was apparently followed my a terrible infection and she had to leave the tarot site.Know one has heard from her since.

    If you are in contact with her can you just let her know that we are thinking of her and hoping that her infection has been cleared up.

    "Again, she left quickly, then nothing..." from her again since"

    Thank you for all that you do...




    AKA shatz

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