• well i dont wana make a mistake but my new boyfriend Seung Su kwan his birthday is march 5th, 1994. My name is Eva rosa rivera my birthday is april 10th, 1994. well we've been friends for awhile now and we do care about each other dearly. things seem great. i just wana know where this is going?

  • xxmiinahxx,

    no medicine will treat this malady. Its cause was internal, as will be its cure.

    my birthday is april 10th, 1994: this represents a desire for affection or love that is the stimulus that causes new relationships to be created. For this reason, it can indicate a new love affair or the birth of a child. Though influenced by each planetary period in a specific and unique way, this creative love energy always represents an awakening of love or passion in your heart. On a deeper level, this represents a search for something inside of your self. Perhaps it is the search for self-identity or for those things that help you to love who you are unconditionally. In order to love yourself, you often find someone to love who reflects back to you what you are seeking within. This is why this can represent a new relationship beginning.

    where this is going? there is much hope, and you have to pool all your energy, if you want to reach your goal.

  • ok last question even though i KNOW the answer but you never know whos lying to you...Is how he says he feels for me true? he tells me he loves me and i get a strong gut feeling he does. And can this relationship posibly end up in marriage? yes we both do care been frnds before dating for awhile i feel we may have strong hope but distance between us me in NYC him in california for now does consern me yet i get a feel of much trust. i dont know i just wana be reassured that what he feels is real and that what i feel in my gut is true

  • xxmiinahxx,

    Is how he says he feels for me true? No.

    And can this relationship posibly end up in marriage? No.

    Listening to him you cannot discover the real

    content of his being. You can simply reach to the

    surface of his mask, but not to his original face.

    Because he says one thing but does another,

    he's continuously lying -- and each lie needs more lies

    to protect it.

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