LOLPET need your advice Please

  • I have come across some posts of yours regarding you and your scorp guy and thought you could help. I'll make this short.

    You see I met my scorp at school. We have class together. The first few weeks of school I really wasnt interested in him at all. Than one day things just clicked and I was intrigued. We started talking and had a lot in common. I mean one day we spent 5 whole hours talking outside when he was only trying to walk me to my car lol. The thing I noticed is I have always been the one making the first moves. I asked for his number. I asked to hang out te first time. I actually made the first move to kiss him. We ended up sleeping toget fairly quickly and that somewhat scared me b/c I never do that and I just couldnt resists. Well even after we had sex he came on strong. In a good way. But than all the sudden he just backed off. Like started putting his friends before me. Only making time to see me after he hung out with his friends. (Which I told him is not cool) He stopped texting me and calling. Even in class he would sit a few seats away from me. I asked why he was being like this and he said he gets like this and is why many girls can't date him. He kept thinking I was getting mad about it when in all reality I was just confused. Feeling like I did something. Than he started this thing where everytime I would say "I like you" He would say " no you dont" or I would say I miss you and he would say "no you dont". Like never believing me anymore.

    Well This past week I asked him 3 times to hang out. Each time he said he will let me know and than never getting back to me. So I decided to just stop contacting him till he wants to come around.

    My question is.. is he not interested? Is he testing me? Is he going to come back around if I give him some space? I really like him and I want to show him I can handle what ever he has to offer even if thats his space needed. Im not mad I just hope he still will give me a chance instead of cutting me off. Its early in the relationship that its hard for me to tell if he just used me, lost interest, or just doing what scorps do.. become distant.

    Also when we have s e x its like hes making love to me. IE: Holding my hand, caressing me, passionatly kissing me. It never felt like just a F. But he hasnt tried to have sex since the last time we hung out outside of school. A few times last thursday and friday he asked for me to spend the night but both times I couldnt come over. What do I do? How do I get him interested again??

    If he liked me before he can like me again ... right?

  • Dear KM12,

    I sense that he has a techique that he uses to attract attention and that is not to. It is working big time with you. Any man will take a free ride most of the time if offered. You said you made the first moves. You open the door to becoming a door mat. At least You did say No to spending the night for sex and than being ignored the rest of the time. How do you feel about yourself? You must look ahead of this narrow picture into the future and what it would be like to be by his side. You already have a taste of the wine he offers. A bit bitter is'nt it?

    I feel like you are smart in your area of study, focus there for awhile and also become involved in other activies that interest you, before you know it you will be the one that moves three seats away from him, only to move closer to not only a lover but a friend that you know because you took the time to study him and ask questions from your inner self and kept your ego out of it. Don't sell yourself short and just bag someone because the attraction is to strong for you. Think and plan and be your own best friend. I know you have the strength to be a friend, than a lover. Watch how the bloom of romance will blossom when you take a slow hand to matters of the heart.

  • It's just hard when you really fall for someone

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