Way better spirits lately:)!!

  • Hi Jenna, its me aka shatz, now my journey, When i seen your thread before i even opened it, i thought good Jenna's back she took some time to reflect,...I'm so happy that you will be starting school soon and looking for work..Then I got to the part of your wanting another reading and still talking about having a baby...Jenna I clicked on your name and you have every kind of reading done from most of the gifted readers here..Your still missing a piece of the puzzle sweetie..Your obsessing about a new baby...This is where i get confused Jenna, your just starting to do things for yourself, like enrolling in school and looking for a job. Jenna have you talk to your doctor yet about your depression, i still feel it through this post..I would love to just hear you say that the baby issue has been put on hold until you begin to really feel that you are wanting a baby because you want it and not because the other woman's baby may or not be your husbands..Please don't take this the wrong way Jenna, i want sooo much for you to be happy because you are happy within yourself...I know you are part way there, but you need to completely surrender everything and start looking at yourself and know that you are a good mom,a good wife and a good human being.

    Again click on your name and keep re reading all the answers you were seeking have been answered..Now you need to find the rest of your answers with in yourself, and i truly believe that a Professional can help you...

    Many blessings being sent to you Jenna

    peace,light love



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