I need a sign...a clue...

  • Hi,

    My birthday is July 10, 1960....

    I wished that in this time of my life, i may find now the man whom going to love me and really care for me...I am a loving person, very caring but I always end up being taken for granted..

    At my age, will I still have the chance to meet that very special person in my life...whom I am going to be happy with?

    There are quite a few prospects....whom of these birthdays matches me and really honest on thier intentions...?.

    .....April 8, 1962

    ....November 16, 1957

    ....March 16, 1959

    ....March 17, 1965

    ....July 16, 1964

    ..or I am yet to meet him?....please help me.....give me a sign please?

    Thank you so much....MAY ALL BE WELL AND HAPPY...



  • Dear Lovelifebehappy,

    Yes you certainly do have a chance at love, just look at all of the birthdates you have written down to choose from. The March 16 man stands out here and feels to be a good match once you get the issue settled that you know what you want and expect to get it, not being selfish just truth. The older we get the more we know what we do and will not settle for. I see a man that wears a suit seems navy or blue/blk in color. He is older but may be 5 yrs your jr does not bother him if he is, nor will it you as he is a lively fellow that makes you laugh and dance the dance of life. He has an A pronouned in his name. Keep us updated on your love journey. Fireworks soon to happen for you.

  • OMG! My hair standing.....I met him a couple of times only and yesterday he gave me his ccalling card and he wants that we keep in touch with each other. He is finishing Physical Therapy at one of the Universities here and I am planning to take Medical Assistant course.He even joked yesterday, "yes, go for it..you will be a Physical Therapist Assistant....He wants to call me before I sleep at night and OMG!...I'm blushing..I think, the feeling is mutual. His name is AUBREY...March 16, 1959.

    You are an Angel.....

    Now, please, do I have the chance to get to a University or College here..or maybe online studies to take up Medical Assistant course or Practical Nursing?

    Do I have the chance to stay longer in US? I am working here on Work permit with a Dutch Family (as Nanny) but I am sure that my employers will not stay longer here..maybe at the most is 3 years...Please give me some insights on how to stay longer here in US?

    Aubrey is from Virgin Islands and its also under US...will this relationship blossom? if so, I am willing to give myself a chance....if he is serious, I will disregards the rest and go for him alone...for life...

    My hearttfelt thanks and MORE POWER to you..


  • Dear Love,

    Thanks for the feedback. I can't make a career choice for you. I can tell you that I sense strongly that you would be a wonderful nurse. I do not know how customs work to keep you here in US longer, only if you are in a education program in a hospital is what I'm getting to tell you. I sincerly hope that Aubrey will turn out to be the one man you will stay with for life. Keep us posted.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    How are you?

    There are times in life wherein, if I are in the middle of a crossroad, I need a friend to give me insight or a clue which way to go.

    A guy, with birthdate February 14, 1965, his name Larry Blue. I met him 2x and the first 2 meetings were not satisfactory for me. I doubted and paused for a while my communication with him...but he kept on calling me and sending me messages telling me that things would be different when he comes home this October 10. He mentioned that he wants to marry me and he is serious. I dont know...because my feelings has gone sour for him. He calls me always now and I dont know if he is really serious of his intentions.

    Please, shed me some light about this man.

    Again, thank you for your expertise and for being accomodating. MORE POWER TO YOU.



  • Hello Lovelife,

    Larry would indeed be a case of The Blues if you would open the door for him to come back into your life. He is just to immature to give you any heart felt peace or fullfillment. Your intutition is completly correct where he is concerned.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Thanks so much for your guidance. I do listen to my instinct but if theres a chance to have guidance from a gifted, like you...i will do ask. I stopped communication with Larry.

    Aubrey is so tall...my goodness! he is 6'5"......

    Here comes this another guy, September 12, 1959...Raymond Edwards...we started as friends and communicate often..though we are new to each other....he is very straightforward....i have noticed that we got lots of things in common....he is strong-willed...

    For so many men I met...its hard to know which one..

    You see, I want real love...I havent had an experience having been loved and given an attention..pampered and cared for...

    There is a guy who, sometimes takes me out for dinner, see places, he is nice, not married but he has other woman... April 8, 1962, Domingo Mendez Mejia.

    Im just confused......Christmas is coming and I want to be happy...to spend this Christmas with that very special person whom I am going to love and who is going to shower me the same..

    Again, thank you so much for your help....sorry if i take much of your time again.....

    More power to you! God Bless...


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