Best approach on making friends in my new class?

  • 2 years ago, I failed a year at university... last year I was stuck doing a few subjects(and had 1 subject with this class, which was formerly class 9 and is now class 8), and this year I have completely joined the class, in all subjects.

    While I am still friends with my previous group, which formed in the class I was in before(we still go out togeher sometimes, and join for dinner sometimes and stuff), I wish to join a group of friends in the year I am in at this moment (even though 1 of my friends from the previous group also is in this year), preferrably in my class.

    What is the best approach to do this? I don't know well what kind of person each classmate of mine is, and I doubt asking medical students' birth date and birth time would be a good idea LOL!

    Plus I'm not anywhere near good enough to actually read the birth charts well.

    And which people are the ''key'' members for me to get my classmates to accept me, and for me to feel like I belong in that class? And how do I do this?

    I am trying to figure out the ''groups'' in the class still, and what kind of relations there are between the people, and what kind of environment is in the class, and within each group.

    And of these groups, which one would be more compatible with me?


    PS: Non-psychic advice regarding approaching people and getting closer to them, or even any advice you think might be useful will be appreciated!

  • Stop trying to work things out in your head so you can be better prepared. Just walk up to someone - anyone - introduce yourself and say, "So tell me about yourself!" Do the same for everyone in the class. Don't make this such a big deal that it seems 'life-or-death'. Just relax and get to know people. Don't over-analyse the situation to death. Focus on the other person and who they are, rather than worrying about how you are being perceived. Everyone there will be worried about how they are coming across to others so don't sweat it. Socialising should be fun, not work.

  • I have been following this advice ever since you gave me this reply, Captain.

    When I'm alone with someone I ask them about themselves and stuff, trying to transmit a non-threatening, interested, cheerful energy.

    Things have been slowly improving... last week I went out with my classmates(well, the girls at least... the other 3 guys in our class were not there). So it was like 8 girls and me and 2 more guys(brothers of 1 of the girls, I believe).

    I am trying not to know the class ''in general'', but to know each person. I like to know each person... I don't memorize the details, and honestly the details aren't as important as the nature of the essence/energy each of them seems to have, but I memorize +- what kind of person each one is, and the emotional responses they cause in me(empathy or not understanding them or recognizing the differences and accepting/tolerating them).

    One of my classmates(yes, for now I still consider them clasmates... hopefully AT LEAST one or two I will consider my friend with time) has invited me to her birthday dinner, next Thursday.

    You know, I tend to think ''Every single person I interact with, or who so much as comes close to me, is in contact with my energy. It is up to me to make it a positive energy, which changes my surroundings for the better!''

  • Good for you! 🙂

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