BiMOON I need your help plz!!

  • Bimoon i really need your help, sorry i ask so much of you, your a kind lady.

    i know you said what i have to do before hand, but i am not feeling great at the moment i think i am emotionally getting worse though i cant be sure.

    nights have been a bit rough, and i do not know what to do. I know i need counselling but who do i go to? and am afraid i might not like them or want to tell them anything or trust them, i keep thinking about my other friend by i am so afraid i have no idea how to approach the situation, college is good and hopefully getting a job, but the state of my home life is making things more messy and complicated i have had enough of waiting around but i do not know how to get started and sort myself out. I need sleep, and it feels like i have no one around to talk too apart from some people on tarot but thats all really, and my friends have similar problems but they are not there much either.

    and to make things worse i am stil thinking of my friend who i have no idea about my feelings and i wish i could just forget about everything so i can carry on with stuff.

    iv been stuck here for ages and its taking its now tearing me apart very successfully, your right also i do not know where i end or begin myself, and i hopeif you do read this i am not giving you too much trouble, its just i need to talk to someone and i now i need help but have no idea how to get it.

    would you beable to do a reading for me perhaps? i know you do not always need birthdays but mine is 09/11/1991 i was born plymouth 12:10pm in UK when you have the time and feel like you can would love your help or advice on this as home life draining my energy and positivty.

    Angel blessings Bee X

  • Bee

    I'm not myself today but feel your urgancy. It's a powerful fullmoon out there and other influences so a lot of intense emotions going around. It will pass if you can just not try to give any emotions too much weight for a few more days. Also you are really closing yourself off to help being so fearful. Help is out there and this fear of trusting in that is really not helping. You are isolating yourself again--get out of your head--do something! Put headphones with music on if you have them and just do something engaging. Go to the dollar store buy crayons and coloring books. Just get out of your head--the fear is spiriling you into a dark place. Stay away from your home as much as possible. When mine gets too crazy I go to a late night book store and just enjoy the books and they always have comfy chairs. Or the library or the park during the day. Join a group of writers--go look on the boards at the bookstore or at the college for writing groups and go there. Check the paper in the arts section and find the local poetry readings--usually in the evening were creative others gather. Most of all--CALL YOUR COUNSELOR FRIEND AND ASK FOR HELP--JUST DO IT. I'm very tired after an allergy attack and feeling the tension out there so I'm going to go back to laying low. Don't get stuck in stormy weather--this too shall pass--pray to your guardian angel for extra comfort today. You are loved! BLESSINGS

  • Thanks so much Bimoon 🙂 okay i will try things you say as i am willing to try anything.

    hope you feel better soon and get your energy back.

    you do so much for me and and i do thank you. it is very hard at the moment, i think full moon as caused lots more emotions than i expected and a wave is going around and around in circles, i was out a lot today in rain weather but i wasnt bothered. hehe i new you would say that even before you type somehow just hearing it and reading it sounds better. dont know why but i am feeling little better now thanks so much Bimoon. I am still so confused about everything though and hope things will change id love to beable to move anywhere, sometimes i feel even the streets wouldn't be so bad but you know i guess i cant think that. iv had a cold too horribleness of colds going around the college, i know yours is different from a cold but its still horrible a couple of nights ago on full moon i had 2 nosebleeds have not had those in awhile cause so much trouble for me but they do not last long. would love to ask you more things but i know you are not yourself at present, hope you feel better soon.

    Angel blessings and much thanks

    Bee X

  • Bimoon I have something to ask you, online i found this job seekers allowance i could possibly get this job that i had an interview with for looking after the elderly in their homes, but i am not defiantly sure i have got it yet and i am doing training first which will be in first aid so not sure how long that will take, but that's only if i get the job i applied for. i was thinking of applying for job seekers allowance, and though not too sure yet i was taking a look at their application online today. my mum receives benefits and family tax but i don't know if that counts for me receiving it as well, my mum receives it but she uses it and not sure weather i can apply for job allowance with me Getting EMA as well, i am hoping to save money that i am not very good at doing, i have to find some way of getting out of here, i am 18 now so i am eligible to live on my own and i am willing to try anything to get there, any help or advice would be much appreciated on what i could do to get there.

    my mum seems to be trying to keep me here for some reason, as she does not do anything much to help me look for a job, i had to sort this job seeking thing out on my own i will try anything or even go for interviews for housing stuff or perhaps talk to people in my college as they will or might help, do you think i should start thinking about these things? i need my own space very much at the moment and i have to leave here as its starting to take its toll on me.

    Thanks again for the help, and i can wait if you are still not feeling like yourself.

    Blessings to you Bee X

  • Follow your intuitions even if they don't pan out at first as the wonderful couple who watches over you are really working to get you away from the home situation. I'm better today and I did have that miserable cold sinus thing going around about three weeks ago. Soon as school starts everyone gets it! I woke up feeling the energy surge as well that's in the mix right now so having to hold down the emotions like everyone else and trying to use this bold energy to get something done. It's just such a chaotic mix though right now--harder to focus on one thing--it's like the universe his shouting from different directions all at once and my dreams are just so odd lately. BUT this too shall pass. Try not to over think things right now--just reach out to these latest intuitions and get the info as it comes because sometimes one thing leads to another and people lead you along so it's a waste of energy to try and overplan things in your head. Your grandmother says trust her--she is working on it. And you should take some vitamin C--in fact if you live near a Wallmarts there is a product that comes in packets a whole box--called emergency-C. Great stuff--not yummy tasting but ok--I love the pink lemonade when I can find it--rasberry is good. My whole family uses it--two packest in bottle of water is how we do it. When you mentioned rain I got a picture of those childhood days of just playing in the rain! Gave my inner child a happy feeling! BLESSINGS

  • Thank's Bimoon and that's okay, thank you for the tip on vitamin c i will try that. i hope you are eventually able to calm your emotions and things like that, oh you get dreams too? I have them as well, have you tried to write them down, or tell somebody about them? i do not mind if you tell me some of your dreams, I am here for you as much as you are there for me ya know 🙂

    Plus perhaps we can share some dreams? im not very good at putting mine into context but i can try if your willing. perhaps we can figure that out together! 🙂 and guess what i was in the chip shop with my mum tonight and sore a poster for Alton community fair its 2morow and i may go down to have a look then perhaps afterward s i will contact my counselor friend, but still have doubts about that.

    did you ever get a message from nan about that question i asked you before about my other friend 🙂 Thankyou for your time, and i hope to hear from you soon.

    Blessings Bee X

  • Hey bimoon just a little picture for you.

    Hope things calm down for you too.

    Blessings Bee X

  • Posting pretty picture for you.

  • Hey trying again.

    🙂 thanks for all your help 😄

  • I usually know what my dreams mean--but often it takes a few days or longer as they usually indicate what's going on during the immediate future. How I get the meaning is either writing them down or saying them outloud to myself. If several in a row have a comman theme then I focus on that. The reason I said mine are weird lately is I've had several that have a comman theme of being about people I know and they are all doing something highly unlikely for them--so much so that I woke up saying that is so unlikely so that is a puzzle that I'm putting together lately!I pretty much know for myself--not because I'm better than you but much older! It comes with age and knowing myself by now. With age comes a long past to see patterns and know for sure what passes so with age you know not to waste energy fretting over most things I did at your age. The energy already feels better today but I think the moon has moved into Taurus--I am a Taurus. My life got wiser when I met an older woman who guided me like a true spiritual mother--she passed away 2 years ago at 91. My real mother is not close to me. I have a connection to many of your issues which is why I connect with you as often as I do. When I was younger--your age most of my problems had to do with childhood baggage and being too emotional--feeling TOO MUCH! Your Nan does not disaprove of your female attraction--she in fact is working on fixing you up with a female roomate. She agrees with me that much of your attraction serves two purposes. One is that by obssessing you are able to disingage from other intense emotions--it is like a safe place to hide--to get out of the pain you carry. This woman does have qualities you do crave---being nurtured in a motherly tender way--she has some planets that are tied to yours and you have a connection as well that intensifys her presense ---There are aspects in her that you also crave to be like. But mostly she is a safe place to escape into. I often did that at your age as well--it is a coping mechanism from childhood. It also feeds creativity and is comman in artistic people who often live in their heads in an isolating way because they feel too much amongst real people yet are lonely so they live in love in their head. I don't think anyone could have explained that to me at your age so don't frustrate yourself over it. Just trust you are well guided and your Nan is always close and you will connect withe the right female soon. BLESSINGS!

  • Okay Bimoon thank you for replying i will say more 2morow, but tonight i have tired and cannot concentrate anymore on the word on the computer screen making me dizzy.

    so will say more in the morning,

    thanks again 🙂 blessings to you too Bee X

  • OH--you are a messanger of the spirit! How else did you know that second picture has great meaning to me. I had a girlfriend for fourty years--a friend like no other friendships--we were children together and had the most amazing vibe between us---we lived miles apart later but could hang on the phone all night! To be near each other was such peace! She died of cancer six years ago this week. That picture with the two children was on her wall since childhood--her favourite--I often receive it from strangers when she sends her love. There was never any s e x ual feelings between us but yet there was something so unbelievably special--can't even describe it. We never argued or drifted apart--always pure joy to be together. Sometimes we didn't speak for weeks as we lived across country but when we did neither of us could hang up! We'd talk laugh and often just hang onto the phone saying nothing. I hope you are blessed to find something that divine---THANK YOU for the message--you are close to spirit!

  • hehehe Bimoon that's okay 🙂 glad you liked the picture it was pretty i loved that i was looking for something special, so i guess i came up with that one, i was going to go to bed but hanging on a little longer having phone troubles with my mobile trying to add music but failed as memory messing around, also thanks for the info about my friend, i am having trouble forgetting about her and she hardly talks too me, she has not phoned me at all lately and i still do not now if she is alright she went on holiday to France and we have not herd anything since then, besides shes probably busy and that and just forgot to phone, she does that. i know what you mean by special feelings i have that with my friend too, she goes through so much as well and she still is not even sure if shes happy at the moment, when i go there i ask are you okay? and she says i am not sure. so i dunno shes open to me more than to other people so she tells me her problem eventually. I Hope things change soon for me though, as i no longer want to be stuck in the deep end, i would like to move to shallow ends and least have less drama.Hope you know that if you need anything too i will be here 🙂 I am like that if i have troubles i am still there for my friends.

    I bet you need a good friend at the moment too, with all your stuff going on, i am sure we can work together, it has to be meaningful it feels like i have known you for a long time even though we only briefly talk.

    Blessings Bee X

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hope you are better today, blessings to you

    Bee X

  • Bimoon hope to hear from you soon, 🙂

    another picture for you.

    Blessings Bee xX

  • More pretty pictures hoping you like them and that they keep you going.

    Blessings Bee X

  • Thank you Bee. I'm very tired today but will be better tommorrow---so many angels to carry me until then! Talk to you soon. BLESSINGS!

  • Okay Bimoon talk soon 🙂

    Bee X

  • Bimoon guess what had a good day today, i signed up for student magazine in college too, so i get to be incharge of the story and poetry page Yay!!! and we are trying to make a good magazine for the colllege students to read, i have to put some of my own stories in there and get other people to put theres in there too, its on every monday at lunch time, so its cool i stayed away from home as long as i could today, but there will be days were i wont beable to do that much.

    2morow is good i am away till 5 oclock nearly, i hope soon things will change as i am getting fed up of my mother already and she isnt even here yet LOL.

    blessings bee X

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