What does a chart with Saturn conjuncting my natal Pluto mean?

  • And funny you mentioned about Amethyst's choice of love interest, because my crush on Steve helped me appreciated Frank-bear by comparison, and our relationship has strengthened, and the 2 guys would like to be friends but Steve's somewhat shy.

  • applewolf,

    When, where, & why will I need to move? When it looks like selflessness, but has nothing to do with love, you will need to move, there where you are losing your harmony, because you are in love with harmony.

    When's the moving-date around? Around the 5th of December.

    Where am I moving to? Either to your family or to somewhere where you will be out of your grave, of your self-created imprisonment, living playfully in the here and now.

    Why are we supposed to move? Because you are stuck between yes and no.

    And how local will I still live? By projecting your originality outside on the locality.

    What sort of home will I have? Very attracted by opposites and led by fear.

    And what part of my kindergarten is Steve? The one who eliminates that what is bad.

    What sort of role did he play, and how did he mediate with my suppressed natural being? Turning the tide for the better.

    It is finished

    because you look through your own eyes. Wealth has

    meaning for you. You can only follow someone who

    renounces wealth because you are wealth obsessed. You

    look through you, and whatsoever you say is more about

    you than about anyone else. It is always about you; you

    are the reference.

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