Blmoon ( Golden Heart and Key)

  • Blmoon, i am not sure if you're still checking in, but something happen to me last night, that i can recall a couple of things that don't make sence in this dream, I had a couple of flashes of your name in my dream, not you, just the name you use on tarot, then i had a few flashes of a golden heart and a key. Like thing. it was saying something about the mind, I cant really tell if it was a dream or not. or something relating to you or me i have no idea. But there was also a girl involved one of my sisters friends, it was so confusing, it was like for some reason she wanted to be me, and i had to be her, and then i was floating in the air i don't know where, like perhaps were some trains of sorts and i was flying to catch up with them, it was so confusing, and there was a boy involved actually 2 that i have met in college, my sisters friend, boyfriend, and a friend of mine in one of my classes. i don't really know what happen that point either. It was like coming in flashes, i did not feel like a dream to me, and i don't understand why. the big thing that bothers me is the Golden heart and key, and your name. and the feelings i got from those things. let me know if you know what i am talking about, and see if you can help me relate to this dream. If not then that's okay guess it will have to just be another of those weird dreams i got.

    Blessings and love Bee Xx

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