Me and my bestfriend! help me plz

  • well it's been a long emotional what? 10 or 11 months. I meet this girl about 10 or 11 months ago... didn't think nothing of it I just work with her... me being a Pisces people get attracted to me I guess.. u know they feel comfortable around me... we started to hang out here and there and she keep tellin me I reminded her of her dad.. she was always physically touching me... people started noticing it coming up to me asking what u guys got going on u guys are flirting huh? I'll just brush it off.. so me and her went out with some friends one day when we pulled in to the phillipines.. I'm in the navy by the way .. and she approach me and asked so are u gonna meet me half way.. ????? she kissed me... later on that day we were in the taxi and we were making out.. and I told her ok calm down woman as a joke and she whispered in my ear.." I never had sex with I man done call me a woman... " I didn't think nothing of it... months laterwe was still hanging nothing more we had a sexual experience but it was like nothing.. no penetration or nothing like she was scared... so things started to bother me... I started hearing talk and noticing things... so one day we were drinking and she said I have to tell u something... she told me she was in a relationship with a girl for two years and they were having sex.. it really hurt me.... cuz I had told her so many times that I really like her.. and she was like I don wanna boyfriend... I just like being alone.. but I was like your not.. I mean we started getting close I told her I would always be her friend no metter what.. when she told me I didn't judge her or nothing I excepted it... and we became best friends.. but her and the girl broke up after high school and don even talk and that's the only reltionship she's ever been in... but now were best friends we still kiss and touchy feeling here and there but nnothing more... she says she rather be with. girl because of what happen to her when she was younger.. somebody molested her, a man...

    ... now we know each other like books and she is my bestfriend... I would like for it to be more but, she so stuck in the past and worried about the future of us... that she's not thinking about now...we tell each other everyday that we love each other but I don know... I'm so attached and she is to.. but there's like no official tie.... what should I do my fellow people... I'm inlove with a saggitirius female who's a confused lesbian stuck in the past...HELP ME!!!!!!!!

  • I think your first clue/danger sign was her telling you that you reminded her of her dad. That's why she is both attracted to you but feels uncomfortable having sexual relations. 'Daddy issues' and the past molestation will make a normal love relationship well nigh impossible between her and you unless she works through all her problems. Stay friends and support her if you can, but don't press for a more intimate relationship - it would be a DISASTER. Go out with other women, instead. This woman is so not ready for a romantic relationship with anyone.

  • so.. that explains alot... and I believe it... I will do so and support her as a friend and will not make any approaches as u said... but how can she still be a lesbian if past molestation gas made u think different about guys

  • She doesn't really know what she is or what she wants at this point. The molestation badly affected her image of herself and of men. You will help her work through her confusion if you are a real friend, for her sake and not for your own desires. She has had an extremely hard time of it and deserves your sympathy and unconditional help.

  • man.... that's hard to hear.. becaue I was hurt so bad when she told me because I was inlove with her.. but before It even got that far I told her I would always be here friend no matter the outcome... am I doing right?

  • Depends on your motives...are they selfish or selfless? Are you helping because you want to get on her good side? Because your friend will sense if you are just after her for a love/sex relationship. She needs a male in her life that doesn't want to use her for his own agenda. If you can't be trusted to be that person, you should leave her before you damage her even more than she is now.

  • I really understand... thanks

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