Does he still love me or is she the real deal...

  • Hello: I have been involved with a Sag 11/25/68 for 16 months. We got along very well. we were best friends and really grounded each other. In June we broke up a for a few weeks and he started seeing a girl 15 years his junior. We went back together until 2 weeks ago when I found out he was seeing her again. My question is does he love me and it's just a fling with this girl or is this someone he has strong feelings for.

  • This man gets to release his inner child and regains his sense of fun and playfulness with this younger woman. He is grateful to her because she makes him feel free and independent, whereas with you he feels he must be more responsible and grounded. It's her vitality and youth that attracts him, rather than her particular personality as with you. You might say he is enjoying the best of both worlds between the two of you and I don't see him giving that up anytime soon. Maybe you can try and make his time with you more fun and playful as he badly needs it.

  • Thank you captain for your reply. I think you are probably right about releasing his inner child. Unfortunately he is not going to be enjoying the best of both worlds because I will not be a part of a triangle. We had talked about marriage and having a future together. I believe what you said about her vitality attracting him. I told him that I thought he should go focus on his relationship with her for now to see where it goes. If he truly loves me like he proclaims he will then make the choose to continue building a life with me. If not I will have to regretfully move on to finding someone who can.

  • He will really miss you but at the moment he wants this feeling of fun and relaxation he gets with the other woman. I feel he will come after you once this obsession is out of his system but I think by then you will have found someone who didn't keep you waiting.

  • Thank you captain for your reply. I believe you are right. It's so sad that people don't realize what they had until its gone..

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