• Well, where do i begin? I have great advise sometimes for every one but my self! I've been dating ...there is joel>the guy who is handsome, does not have a job, 39yrs old .to be 40 in august.........there is mike> great guy..has a great career, own place, handsome, has everything that i would want in a man........there is kenny..ok guy...good job.....two teens, ..he' s ok..............ted....he is the entertainer...throws great parties...has a great career.....very handsome........one child......separated from wife............nate....registered nurse...handsome ,no kid, nice house....good things going for himself..........four out of five of these men have themselves together, pretty much.....two out of all of them i am actually dating...the rest are potential dates but we are just friends.......mike calls when he wants some...however i really like him and i have made this known to him...just dont know how to take him..he seems alittle unsettle-what do i do with him.............................joel is older than the rest of them and he is really a great guy and he treats me exactly how i want to be treated, but he lives with his mom and dad..he has two 7yr olds and he does not have a job but he has a teaching degree and i ask myself as well as him ...why dont you try to find work and the excuse is ...the economy......i dont know ......kenny...he is more of a thug..he works and he has a 13 and 14yr old and they are really kids that get into alot of trouble and he wants to be with me but i have a 3yr old girl and who am i to judge but i dont want that around my child ...am i being selfish.....so i stand him up alot but i like him.....ted/nate...both great guys however they are doing so well that i think they like being single just to be able to get all of the ladies they can possibly handle..however i dont know....is it me...am i the reason i cant find a good guy ..i have a great home, one daughter, very clean....i am definitely attractive as can be, and you all know gemini's we have a great personality......why cant i find a man i was married and got a divorce because he was abusive and my childs father was very mentally and emotionally abusive as well.....what am i doing and what do i do?

  • My goodness, you certainly have a lot of options. I'm going to give you some advise that someone vey, very, smart gave me many years ago, and I use it everyday of my life. "When you don't know what to do, don't do anything at all." Sometimes when we hit a crossroads in our lives (we meaning Gemini's) we want results, now, this instant...But what I have learned is that I am alone the majority of the time in wanting instantaneous results. People look at me like I have three heads when I start talking about the resolve of something quickly. As Gemini's we tend to push to hard, it can put other people off and draw them away from us. Our attributes, Funny, Charasmatic, gift of gab, etc., scares many people away. We have a tendancy to dominate and control.

    As far as this whole man thing goes, when the right one comes you won't have to write a post about it because you will be to busy enjoying it. My advise, none of these men are right for you or your daughter. Be patient (very hard for a Gemini) pull back, don't be so available. Most importantly, always, always, be true to yourself.

    BE CAREFUL---Gemini women have a tendancy to want to save the less fortunate men we meet. Do not, and I can't stress it enough, Do not get involved with someone that is not financially sound, especially if they have children. Most of the time these men are looking for nurturers, a mom so to speak. Run as fast from these guys as you can and don't look back. They pull you in with saying all the right things and then they hook you into thier mess.

  • wow! Myviewpoint, you could not have said that any better! I respect you so much for being truthfull but most of all i respect you because you are so correct about the gemini....thanks so much and that was awesome advice! We do have the tendacy to want to save the less fortunate men we meet and i will let joel go...that is what i was thinking but because he always said the right thing at the right time and made me feel so good i held on to him, when in all actuality he is nothing to hold on to. Your the best!

  • Hi, Enjoyed your post. Have you ever thought of writing a book like..A Single Girls Guide to Dating. I see a sense of humor! Good Luck.

  • thanks dalia, and yes i have, the life that i have lived as a 30yr ...people would love to hear it! lol.

  • faileylove I really think you had elimated a few of these before your post. But I would just say, pretend you didn't write this and go back and read it like you are giving someone else your opinion. Who said you had to pick one of these men anyway? I don't think you want any of them for a long term relationship or you would have already made your choice. So go ahead give this person some advice.

  • Hi Failylove,

    my sister is just like you. I love her to pieces.

    She is also a gemini. She has always had more male friends than female friends and often got the wrong man. 🙂

    I think you need to discover your true identity. If you're anything like my sister, you've probably turned your life upside down to be what he wants so you'll both be happy.

    True love doesn't work that way. It can last for years but gemini will not be happy until she discovers herself and her ambitions and stops looking for perfection elsewhere.

    Libraslair advice is good. If i were you, i'd try to do just that.

    Verdana 🙂

  • thanks libraslair, you guys are the best!

  • thanks babe-verdana! Love you much.

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