Oh ....cancer men!!!! ( shaking my head with warm / annoyed a smile! lol)

  • How I've watched with ...well ... with interest...lets say..)so many topics regarding these delightful creatures!

    The one I'm infatuated with..... :s... ( 2 yrs now give or take ) ( Italian/french guitarist to boot!!!!... HELLO??!!!!! LOL)

    Don't they crawl under your skin!? Bless him- he hasn't really done a thing...just enough though!

    2 yrs later ( & really-he never had a reason before now...) would giving me his email outta the blue (-cos he didn't have to) be one of those kinda 'hopeful' signs from a cancer chappy? just wondering.....( yes keeping my fingers x'd too....!)

  • peacelili,

    be one of those kinda 'hopeful' signs from a cancer chappy? no.

    But all these men have been prohibiting you from everything natural; obviously, they have made you miserable.

  • Hi Hans

    Thank you for your response & putting it so delicately! lol

    You have had me thinking though, lots since I read what you wrote............

    I have been in a relationship-12 yrs now (Taurus) & a kiddy together....before that a 6 yr marriage ( 2 kiddies)( & turns out a gay leo! ) before that I was to young for anything serious.....

    It's just funny though that the most 'significant' flirtatious encounters ( never s** I hasten to add-)! have turned out to be cancers.. maybe it's their 'chat' I find so charmingly irresistible & it feeds my leo / scorpio rising / Aquarius moon ( lilith in sag!) ego!.../ nature! ! I have a very good cancer male friend ( 5 yrs ish?) - we've spoken about things we wouldnt tell others...but to be involved would be a disaster! vry happy keeping him as a close friend. he's given me 'clues' on cancerian behavior!)

    But, I was thinking about ALL the men in my life...my abusive father...for starters....men that seem to have 'held' me in ( in what I perceive anyway) to be their expectation of me ever since .....& I've 'complied' I guess....feeling that ( especially these days..) that " I should be so lucky to have someone who actually gives a darn about me... " ....anyway.....

    .. really , the trouble is ... I feel a fire inside , burning hotter......I'm not sure what/ who this 'me' inside is or what she's capable of! but I do know,that when I am what's expected of me....I die a little more.....

    oh & the Franco/Italiano cancerian....wishful thinking/dreaming! worlds apart ! for starters....different sides of France...only met up ...what? 4 times in the last 2 yrs something like that!

    Hans - thank you again for your time taken-very kind of you-I know you're a busy man on this forum!

  • peacelili,

    so before that, a few good laughters, perhaps just those laughters will bring you out. Remember it!

  • Hans - hunny ... you are so right! laughter often works 'magic' !

    many happy moments to you too my dear 🙂

  • peacelili.

    thank you, honey,

    only a connoisseur of the flavors of love can

    comprehend the language of a lover´s heart,

    others have no clue.

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