Captain, could you help please!

  • Captain,

    I'd like to get some advice regarding to the communication with my friends. We've been on and off recently, and I feel getting lost. Are we misunderstanding each other? My birthday is : 8/8/75, my friends: 11/8/77, 12/11/74.

    Thank you for your time.

  • According to your numerology, you and your friends are all focusing in different directions. You are in a time of new beginnings, of breaking out of old ways, meeting new people, and being drawn to new experiences. It's a 'me' time for you at the moment and you are looking to redefine yourself away from old situations and 'old' people. You are looking for a new identity and that may involve leaving behind everyone and everything that used to be 'you', such as your friends. It is OK to be a little selfish now. Take time for introspection, as it will add to clarity and a sense of direction. You may at times feel called to stand on your own, and your creativity and inventiveness will be at their peak. This is definitely a time to have courage, make plans, and avoid indecision. You are laying new foundations, and opening up to new opportunities. Avoid being impulsive or headstrong, yet be willing to change for the sake of your own personal progress and happiness. This is an auspicious time to begin new relationships and make new connections for personal or business reasons.

    Your first friend is moving away from a time of more socialising and expansion towards a period of knuckling down to hard work and focusing on responsibilities and goals, after the birthday passes. At the moment though your friend is going through a somewhat frivolous and light-hearted period when energies can be scattered, new fun friends are being sought, and far too much weight is being put on what other people think.

    Your second friend will move, after the birthdate has passed, into a time when work or career will occupy all their thoughts and time. Ambition to get ahead and the acquiring of more power will drive them forwards. Until then, your friend is in a very reflective and withdrawn period where much self-analysis and self-work is being done and this calls for much alone time.

  • Captain,

    I think maybe you're right. I feel that I was being impulsive at some point when I communicated with my friend. So, I'll take time to reflect myself, and try not to be impulsive.

    When you mentioned, "you are looking to redefine yourself away from old situations and 'old' people." I'm not sure about "old situation", is it my current situation? Does it mean, am I going to meet someone who I never met before?

    "leaving behind everyone and everything that used to be 'you' " Does it involve changing my personality or current lifestyle and my values or belief etc? How about my culture background? Do I lose touch with my childhood root?

    Thank you for your time.

  • You are either going to meet new people and have new experiences or your perspective and understanding is going to change so that you see the old people and situations in new and different ways.

  • Captain,

    You're really great!

    Thank you so much for your time and energy.


  • Captain,

    Is there any possibility to meet again with a man who I met about 14 years ago?

    Also, could you tell me what signs compatible with my sign?

    My birthday : 8/8/75

    Thank you so much.

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