Need a reading

  • Hi. I don't come to this site very often anymore, so I'll understand if no one wants to help. I'm feeling a little bit desperate and would love to have a reading just to see if there's any point to any of it at all.

    My story: due to a number of circumstances, mostly of my own doing, my husband has decided to split up with me. Because he can't afford to move out, and because we have children, he is sleeping on the dining room floor.

    We were best friends before we got married, and always assumed if we did split up (we have had a rather unusual relationship for a while) we would still be friends. He still thinks is the case, but I can't do it - I am much more upset than I thought I would be, although I'm not sure if it's just because I'm scared what the future holds. He already has someone else lined up, and has said he is no longer in love with me (which I can't blame him for as I have told him something similar in the past).

    I would love some guidance on what I should do next. I'm doing all I possibly can not to break down in tears and beg him to reconsider.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dear Jupiter,

    I sense confusion on both halfs in this relationship. Neither of you can have your cake and eat it too. I do believe if he had someone lined up, he would not be sleeping on the living room floor.He needs to find a room and you both need to get some marriage counsling, I feel immaturity strongly here on both parts. Your children need a foundation of love and standards and values set before them to follow. Time for some soul work dear. Your soul equals your mind. will. emotions. If money is tight than go seek spiritual help from a church as some have classes that would be of help for you and your husband.

  • Yes, I agree with what you say - we married young, took on large amounts of debt (albeit justified) and had kids very young - probably the immaturity comes from only now having time to 'grow up' a little. Counselling would probably not work as I tend to clam up in such situations and I'm never able to put my points across properly (I've had counselling in the past for other issues).

    The kids have a great foundation of love. And I believe my husband's values are strong, although a little misguided.

    Thank you for your thoughts, Shuabby.

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