Next Relationship

  • Dob: 5/22/87

    Forgive the lack of introduction, been a memeber of for a couple years now, though not a forum member until recently (though a lurker!). If I get useful information/advice on the following, an explination of the name/formal introduction will follow. Yay incentive!

    Long story short:

    Was wondering if anyone can provide insight into when I will find the next 'special someone' in my life.

  • Philosophical answer: When you are completely ready to.

    Numerological answer: This month was very good for socialising and meeting new people so if you haven't, there may be some unresolved issues in your psyche regarding relationships and romance. Are you perhaps living in the past (thinking of an old lover) or dreaming of the future (fanatsising about the perfect partner) or getting out in the present and actively looking for someone? December is your next big chance for finding love and is your best month for marriage. But if you are open to it, anytime can be a good time for love.

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