Help im scared!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my bday is 6/5/87 his is 7/6/88 and i cant get him out my mind i think he will be the best or the worst thing that has ever happened to me ??????????

  • Dear Hot,

    Cool it down honey. Take it nice and slow with this one. Get to know him like a map and you will know each turn and detour needed to make your course nice and smooth in the love arena. Remember to take some good psychic advice here and always test the water before entering into the sea of love. Love is never an overnight fling, it must develop wings and learn to fly with the angels with deep devotion and long lasting care to secure that you both will be there for the duration.

  • thanx Shuabby but is he good for me ? is he the one ? its funny you say take it slow because i always rush into things and always meet guys that rush into things but he is different he wont rush in he teaches me patience is he right for me he makes me feel good inside for some strange reason ........please tell me if he feels the same about me . thanx sooooooo much

  • Hello Hot,

    He sure does honey that is why he is taking it slow, as he is more mature and has a good outlook for what he wants for the future. So, take your seat next to him and roll with what comes with this top rated relationship.

  • Shuabby,

    thanx so much im so happy to hear that although he does'nt seem to care at all lately it another woman has his attention or what why is he so distant

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