Captian .I coud really use your insight ..

  • on this . I have trying to get a new Family pet for almost the last 2 years . So far 2 deals have fallen threw due to situations beyond my control . The last dog i was to get was actually born on my Bday . How cool was that . But obviously it was not meant to be .

    I have just recently found another Pup and strangely enough this Pup was born on my Bday as well . Talk about the Universe putting things out there huh . The thing I need to know is this . Is this the Pup I am suppose to end up with . I am just so undecided about it . I keep thinking it is because of it being born on my Bday . It is a Yellow Lab . Our last Family pet was a Lab as well . Do you think this the pup is meant for me ? Hope to hear back from you soon . Til then .

    Take care and God Bless You .^A^


  • You should actually look for a puppy that has the opposite personality to you, not the same (born on the same day), as he (definitely a he) will balance you out more that way.

  • Hello Captain ,

    Well , I did get a new puppy and yes it is a male . He is just a wonderful addition to our family.Thank you for your advice .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Wonderful! 🙂

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