Calling allll PHsyics please helpppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!

  • hello there can you please take a little time out to answer my topics? thank you i would greatly appreciate it !

  • hotvirgorising,

    hello there can you please take a little time out to answer my topics? your problem is your thinking.

    In fact, you are where you are supposed to be, so if

    you are going somewhere it is just a morning walk.

    Don't be worried. There is no goal, you can turn back

    from any point. You are not going anywhere!

  • hanswolfgang,

    what do you mean im not going anywhere ?And whats wrong with my thinking ? i try to change it but it never works i cant control my thoughts if that makes any sense ๐Ÿ™‚ also can you tell me if im wasting my time on this guy whos bday is 7/6/88 my bday is 6/5/87 .....btw thanx for replying

  • Dear One, in order to let go control of the situation, your thinking, your action of controlling and just let it be it the thing that needs to happen! The more you try to control something the more it alludes you! To make a man see you, any man, the birth date does not matter, the thing is that you must see "yourself" as enough, and to place "yourself" on that pedestal you are trying to place him upon! When he sees you put "yourself" up there he will desire what you have and strive to find it with you! Never give it up, always keep yourself on a high plan and all you want will come to you! We must first love "ourselves" before we can love another! To love "yourself" means you will except nothing below your worth and baby your worth is more then this man's attention! Put "yourself" on high, "love yourself", be all you can be, do all the things you want to do and when he sees you doing for "yourself", he will take notice! In other words, stop thinking about what he wants and think about what you want! The right one will come along when you take care of you! Loves Light! JMM

  • hotvirgorising,

    what do you mean im not going anywhere ? you are standing but not going.

    And whats wrong with my thinking ? You are suppressing your inner truth, the marriage of the spirit.

    tell me if im wasting my time on this guy: yes.

    my bday is 6/5/87: you are always confronted with how attached you are to your money and given an opportunity to experience the real prosperity that comes with an attitude of gratitude.

    Whether it is about money, plans to make money, or love, situations will present themselves that test your faith in the abundance of the universe. By realizing and then releasing your fears, you can transform your attachment into total fearlessness and personal freedom.

    I have read...

    The airplane was going through some especially

    turbulent weather, but the pilot knew he had everything

    under control. He tried to calm the passengers with

    soothing words spoken over the loudspeaker system. He

    also asked the stewardesses to reassure the people that

    everything would be all right.

    One very religious little old lady, however, would

    not be comforted. The stewardess told her how capable

    the pilot was and how reliable the plane's technology

    was, but the woman was still sure she'd never see the

    ground again.

    At a loss, the stewardess finally called on the

    highest court of appeal, 'Just trust in providence,'

    she said soothingly.

    The little old lady's eyes opened even wider, 'Is it

    as bad as that?' she asked.

    A religious old lady... But to really think of God

    means that death is certain. 'Is it as bad as that?'

    People have double faces.

  • Dear Keenperception! You gave a fantastic advice about put "yourself" on high, "love yourself", be all you can be, do all the things you want to do for "yourself"!!!! I am working right now to be there right now on my pedestal... it is a hard work to love myself after difficult break up but slowly and sure I will be there and then Sun will shine again in my heart...Thank you!

  • Amen!

  • what topics? i see non, n uhm physics is science unless u mean psychics. diff ball game dear

  • Hanswolfgang ,

    Wow your great and right!!!! Im amazed at how right you are about me .......i want to genuinley love me but then something inside tells me NO i will love me after im rich or after i have this or that and whoaaa there goes that ambitiousness im so happy for this break through that i feel as tho im having right now you're amazing i love that story or excerpt or whatever because i think i understand it fully and sometimes that little old lady is me but NOMORE! And im halfway happy you told me im wasting my time on him because the more i love me and work on me and the stronger i try to feel the worse he looks i think i think i despise him now how dare he do me this way how dare i let him do me this way !

  • charmedwitchbente ,

    well if you would look at my profile you would see and thanks for the correction but everyone obviously knows what i meant and if we are going to play school i think you meant none not non and different not diff and you not u but watever hope your having a great night!

  • keenperception,

    i agree totally with IndependentGirl i love me but only under certain conditions and your encouraging advice has helped inspire me to love me unconditionally im over that guy because you hit the nail on the head when you said think about what YOU want and stop thinking about what HE wants smh thats all i ever thought about was what he might want ughhhhhhhhhhhhh thanx so much ! i honestly thought if i give him what he wanted he would give me him HIM being what i wanted .

  • hotvirgorising,

    as you go beyond the mind things become very simple:

    right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no

    hesitation; you have a clear insight. It is not a

    question of thinking, because transcending the mind

    means reaching a state of no-thought.

  • dear i tend not to read peoples profiles. if any has anything to ask me they know to post a new thread instead of having me chase their profiles down or threads made in past.

    as for my language its part slang part lazyness. as 4 the correction babes i made a joke.

    u need to lighten up, aint life too serious as it is without us making it even more? hell if u keep it on uยดll soffocate bc u cant breathe without being so in ur head.

    im with hans on this. all the way.

    last ill say this, if u no like what answers u are given, dont ask! AND gurl get off ur dang high horse n join us mere mortals. ur higher than thou aint becoming

    nuff said, njoy ur life.

  • has any EVER told u to start FEELING n NOT think so much???? u oughta try it sometime. Also why is it ya think ya need to b miss or n mrs perfect 24/7???? that must b tirering.

    Kudos to ya 4 keeping it up. I couldnt do it n now i wont. hats off to ya babes!

  • These posts are great! Keenperception..."RIGHT ON!" ๐Ÿ™‚

  • well first off the things i post here are my personal thoughts so i cant help how u take it but as for feeling more maybe you have a point but idk you cant always trust your feelings somethings that hurt so bad FEEL so good so yeah i rather think things thru i was being a lil sarcastic so maybe you need to lighten up seems like you can give it but dont like to recieve it .......its not that i think i need to be perfect see you have me confused

  • i can recieve it as i give it. no worries there. i have no idea how ur life has been like just like u dont know how mine has been. all i am is saying im in awe over how u stand tall even when everything falls around u. in this i say ive been there n done it.

    all in all it seems we got off on a wrong foot here. typoes r common, misunderstandings even more often. N that tends to get people high sensitive like us to write as we do.

    all in all i do sense we at some time or another have been in the spot u now find urself in.

    what doesnt break u makes u stronger, n u my dear r stronger than most, even what u urself believe u to b. I NEVER said perfect bc there is no such thing as the perfect man or woman.

    As for ur man, u need i think to show him what u want n not what he wants. Reason well he aint showed u what u want yet has he? n why should he when he gets all he wants served on a silver platter? I wanna congrat u for trying bc not many try that angle first. Kudos sweetie kudos.

    I think now u must take what u want n not give. As in say to ur man its ur turn now n 4 him to get off his lazy ass n show u he wants this as much as u. if not consider options.

    wish u best of luck

  • thanx so much for those kind words ๐Ÿ™‚ and you make so much sense im not even going to think about his feelings anymore hehe options ? soon as i get some hehe im over him he messed up the vibe i feel stupid for being nice to him now so he made things very awkward i think i will find another cancer guy or hopefully one finds me bc i must admit i love that warm feeling they give its hard for me to show him how i feel tho because when im n the mood to express my feelings he isnt and when he is im still mad about him not letting me show my feelings when i was ready so idk but yes we def lol def hehe got off to a bad start thanks for replying

  • ure welcome. its a flaw we women do, we give cb we think thathints to them its what we want too, but as a guy once said to me, at times u need to smack a shovel to our heads b4 we get it what u want from us. so dear for the next guy start buying a shovel.

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