Depressed and always alone need a reading pls

  • I keep to myself all the time I am a pisces, i have no friends and I trust no one with any of my inner feelings. My Mother tells me i have a split personality! I am a literal wreck could someone please give me some direction and hopeful advice. I very much believe in taro and follow my horoscope as much as possible. I am a seeker of knowledge! PLEASE HELP

  • Dear Debmay,

    What has hurt you so much that you have withdrawn? Being Pieces does make you a dreamer of sorts and easly hurt. Do you feel other people emotions and feelings? Does that bother you? You are now reaching out for help which is good. I feel you like to read and just may be a writer in waiting to have the right people help you to flouish with it. Join a writers workshop , look for them online in your area. Do you also like to dance? Or music is coming in around you, do you play music or sing, If so you can join a singing group in your area. You have build this wall around you and it is time to chip away at it little by little and join this school called life. Let it teach you the good times and what your made out of when the bad times hit. Your mother is saying you have mood swings which come with depression. If you find you can not make yourself go out into life you must seek professional help. I think you have what it takes to make a breakthrough and begin again to find your pathway to happiness. I feel new friends that will help you I hear the names Alvin, Sally , Joe, Carl. Look for these new people to come in and help guide you to a new beginnings.

    God Bless and Keep You

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