Do you know this deck?

  • Hello - Can anyone advise the name of a tarot deck that involves two decks in one? They are two decks but work as one. One is an oversize deck with words written around the perimeter. The other is smaller and pictorial only, which lays atop of the larger card/deck with the words.


  • Hello Tess~I can suggest you check with's Tarot Article Archives and research some of the authors available there. There is also a 3 volume Tarot Encyclopedia Set which explores

    the history and artists of Tarot decks throughout the ages. It's pretty massive, so if you can get

    any more detail on where or when the deck was created, you may be able to google that info.

  • You might also try Aeclectic Tarot .com. It may be a little easier to research for your inquiry.

  • This post is deleted!

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