Just in case birthdays are needed for tarot reading

  • my birthday is 8/10/86 his is 9/25/87

  • What's the question?

  • According to your astrological profile, what you two had was best for friendship, but worst for marriage or a longterm love relationship. There was liveliness in your relationship but also sadness. You were an exciting if unstable couple, and philosophical reflection probably became a focus of your relationship. Others saw your relationship as extroverted and even exhibitionistic, but away from the crowd, you two created a quiet haven where you could explore spiritual and ideological issues together. Your love affair was probably somewhat emotionally volatile. Both of you have strong sexual drives but there is unlikely to be very deep positive feeling between you, and little to hold the relationship together for very long. Black humour and irony were no doubt rife in the relationship, sometimes turning to biting sarcasm at times. You two can dwell a little too critically and negatively on life's grim side. Marriage is not recommended here since neither of you is likely to be too interested in assuming domestic responsibilities or raising a family.

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