Anyone who can volunteer a reading for me - I am feeling antsy

  • I have had this need to get rid of stud for a few months now. Partially because we have just too much "stuff" and I feel like I can't find what I need and can't keep up after people not puting their things away - especially since my husband and oldest daughter moved back in temporarily in May. This month I had 2 garage sales. Every other week I take a couple bags of stuff to the

    SA or GW or a shelter. At least once a month I take in books to the used bookstore or donate them to the school. (Although I do come back with a couple book when I go to the used bookstore because I need them) I put stuff up on auctions an on the crlist every week. I know that I am making headway, because I have more space on my bookshelf and empty rubbermaid totes in the garage.

    But I feel an urgency. As if things are going to change and I will need the space - not necessarily to fill it up again but just a need for space and less "Stuff." Its hard to do because my 9 year old is developmentally delayed so things that would normally be gone by nwo are still hanging out for her to use. There is a five year age gap between my oldest daughter and her but developmentally as much as a 9 or 10 year gap, so more "stuff" is saved, than would be otherwise. My husband (almost exhusband) does nothing at all to help go throught the house or go through things - not even his things. He says he has nothing to get rid of - yet surely I did not acumulate all this stuff over 20 years by myself? He won't even go out into the garage and throw away old can of paint, rusty screws, etc. - organize the shelves and clean it up. It's not that I can't get rid of it. I just can't seem to do it fast enough.

    I actually have to get rid of more stuff before I could even think to hire an organizer to come in.

    I am feeling such irgency about this. So I am wondering if anyone can do a reading for me

    to see what might be happening for me between now and maybe next summer. Why am I feeling so distressed about not being able to go through all this stuff and get rid of it faster than I seem to be able to do? thanks TD

  • You are not alone with this. Many people are feeling and following that same urge--I as well. I donate regularly and try to keep things airy but lately the need to REALY purge is great--and a few friends are going through the same thing. My man throws out nothing--very OCD---I live with it out of sight by having beautiful dressers with lots of drawers in his room so I don't have to see it and I allow him the garage to hoard but all week spirit keeps telling me to just forget about his reaction and to just start clearing it out. I really feel for those of us feeling it the strongest is a sign of good fortune ahead---making room. Follow this urgency---you are about to get lucky! BLESSINGS

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  • HA HA HA! Guess who just put up new shelves in HER closet--- miss two of cups?! I've been hearing the same mantra all week---throw it out throw it out! Stop thinking about it and just throw it out! I was feeling tired today but hearing you say that has refreshed my resolve. BLESSINGS!

  • I just can't get rid of the stuff and clear out the clutter fast enough. I am so tired all the time. I have so many things to do. And there are things that I realize now that I really need for myself and before I can have those things, I must get rid of may other things. I just can't stand it. And no one in my family is helping. They are just "stuffing" stuff in nooks and crannies.

    Tomorrow is Saturday - so I get to take some more stuff away anyway.

  • LOL, I have two big plastic totes here that I picked up two days ago and a pile of stuff for Goodwill as well. I've been on this purge for two weeks now. This will be my second run to GW. I just feel like clutter around me makes my mind feels cluttered. So I've had a similar urgency lately to clear the space around me and clear my mental/emotional space. Good for us all I say, as we unburden ourselves of the useless clutter in our lives. 🙂

  • I'd be with you except I went nuts in MAY. Same thing, I was completely frantic and wore myself out over it. I was so frantic I broke down in front of my parents, I just could not deal with it anymore. Got a dumpster the end of June (exh paid for it as when he moved out almost 2 years ago he left HIS stuff). That was filled and picked up early August and I will need 1-2 more. I am getting the itch again but am slammed at work through mid-October so I'll wait till then.

    Easiest way to get rid of stuff that's not yours is to get rid of whoever creates it. 😛 Seriously, I feel for you. I had the same issues. He had nothing to throw away not even the 30+ pairs of work pants that were so worn he would not wear them as junk pants. Yet they HAD to be stored in the attic. STUFF BE GONE!

    I have clothes in the bedroom I have to pack up, it hit me today that there are 3 mos left to the year for donations!

  • ps in addition to cleaning stuff, for 2 weeks I've had an incredible urge to get a painting or something for the house, probably the living room. Just got back from a craft store, didn't find anything. Now this is a weird feeling because I have to repair holes exh left and paint the living room still but that got put aside for the stuff removal. Maybe this piece I'm looking for will give me the incentive to get started, I don't know. But it's driving me nuts. It's like a purging/nesting urge rolled into one.

  • What a funny great thread! I don't know weather to be energized or tired! I'm not the only one scratching things off a list. I am having the same issue with multitasking--I'm driven to get rid of stuff while also getting all these decorating urges that seem really to be important. Paying closer attention to Feng Shi--even though I've always been mindful of it suddenly I'm really turning it up a notch. I'm enjoying all your to do stories--keep it coming! It inspires me! BLESSINGS!

  • Oh boy I am the same, I am a gatherer or at least I used to be and so is/was my husband, though of course he denies this. We have so much stuff, old letters, paper paper paper and so many books. I have given so many old clothes away, and a box of books too, I just need to jump in and get started, I too feel that I will need the space or a lighter load if we ever move.


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  • Isn't that weird? I haven't bought anything but I have a great urge to and trust me, I am so frugal that is not something I take lightly! I was ready to hit tag sales this morning (I do know I want something that looks old). I may print up the Apache blessing and somehow antique it......

    I'm trying to keep the cleaning spree going so I am off for load 3 of laundry....

  • Okay - I am having another garage sale either next Sunday or the next. This time I am not going to let the kids go through the Halloween stuff with me. I am down to 4 totes plus the costume bin (okay there are some bulky items in there.) I unloaded a good deal of the

    Christmas stuff last year. Its time for me to put stuff up on auction too. The problem is that my husband and oldest daughter will not go through their junk. They are really pigs. If my husband would just organize the garage it would help. I start throwing things out and Then they get mad because I am throwing it out but they won't orgaize anything.I also have to let some things go for less maney than I would like just because they need to go and I need the money. I do have a problem with books, I have difficulty getting rid of books. I bet that no one else has the copy of Catch in the Rye that they had in high school in 1974. - Never mind what else I have from 1976,1977,1978. Next to go - My SW and ESB toys - some are not that old but they are going to go.I am sitting amongst so much paper and stuff surrounding the floor around my desk. I have to get off the computer now and get rid of stuff. I definitely have less stuff than I did a year ago but every time I open a new bin, it gets scattered everywhere because I will deal with my stuff but the others won't deal with theirs.

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