Thinking about leaving my taurus for a I making the right decision?

  • ok here goes....I was born 2-21-84, I'm 26, a pisces, moon in scorpio, rising in leo. My husband is a Taurus, and the man that I am involved with is a scorpio, moon in Gemiini, rising sign Aquarius. To make a long story short: my marriage had been good, but my taurus husband is stubborn and can not for the life of him communicate about ANYTHING! I have had to deal with personal issues (a misscarriage) and other tough stuff alone because my husband refuses to deal with any emotional issues that might cause ill feelings. So I have spent the last year working, staying busy and falling deeper and deeper into the hole called depression. I am genually a very happy person, I love life, laughing. I'm an athlete, a people pleaser, a personal trainer ( I just love helping others).....and when things in my marriage seemed to be irrepairable, i fell hard for this charming, extremely intense scorpio. He has helped me emotionally through so many hardships that he really didn't have to and easily could have turned and ran the opposite direction. He helped me find my passion for life again, and he revived my soul which was very lost at the time. When he and I are together, besides the obvious chemistry we share, there is a much deeper connection that can not be put into words. Here I am 6 months later and we have fallen madly in love with one another. WHAT DO I DO?? IS HE THE RIGHT PERSON FOR ME? I believe so in my heart, but I don't want to be niave. Can someone tell me based on our profiles whether we are made for one another, or will this fizzle down the road.

    my taurus husband is a great man, but has lost his passion and zest for life....he used to make me laugh uncontrollably. I feel like he is not the same person I fell in love with, and he agrees. I'm very intuative and I really believe he fell out of love with me long ago. I am prepared to leave him with or without my scorpio. I'm just wondering if this is an avenue worth traveling? PLEASE HELP*********



  • sorry, just realized this was not a very short version ; )

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