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  • Hello any people out there whohave been born with the gift of being able to predict the future.

    Hello sceptics

    Hello people who have visited psychics in person for a reading, perhaps using cards or not

    I recently visited in my local market a psychic woman who claims to be psychic. I am very open minded and was recommended by a friend to visit her.

    I personally believe if you are 100% content with your life and where it is going I see no reason to visit a psychic. But being a pisces I am indecisive, also being a tarot reader I enjoy people doing readings for me, instead of always being the reader.

    During my 45 minutes with this lady she predicted random things about my future, describing as she flicked and shuffled through 25 playing cards that I had selected from a larger bunch., she mentioned random things from countries I will visit, to relationships. She accurately mentioned more then a few things about people around me. I was excited yet nervous during my reading yet glad I went.

    I will not go as far as to say I 100% believe everything she says will come true, but she has got me thinking...

    I also felt very connected with her during the reading she asked no questions, only said whatever came to her, or what she visually saw, I felt goosebumps during alot of it,

    I want to know please what your opinions are on this subject? have you visited a psychic before? What were your experiences? Did anything come true they predicted/? Do you think this is possible and why?

    Thanks for reading!

    Look forward to hearing from you !

    Peace and Love


  • Psychics can only predict what will happen in your life in the present moment. If you change your course at all, then the predictions cannot come true. It's like looking through a telescope - as loong as your eye stays fixed on the one vision, your lifepath can be predicted accurately. However if you move the telescope so that you are looking in another direction, all the previous predictions for the other direction become invalid because you have moved on.

    It's better that you learn to follow your own gut instincts so you can always have an 'up-to-date psychic' with you to consult.

  • thanks, opinions appreciated!

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  • In my experience visiting psychics in my past or having them at a get together has always been a way for me to seek some guidance. Not that I asked them what I should do but when I felt I was at the end of a cycle at a crossroads if you will, indecisive about which way to turn or what would be around the next corner I would get a reading. This often helped me to see things from another vantage point. An example I might have been thinking about becoming frustrated at work so maybe it's time to look for a new job but the psychic might say to me, I felt stuck but not to worry a promotion was around the corner and that would come about thus changing my need for a new job. Had I chosen to look for it, certainly the path would have changed in every way. Does that mean I chose right to stay? I don't know. Did I stay based on the advice of the psychic or my own repulsion to change? Who knows. But I understand what you mean. I think at times it is just a reassurance of your own gut feelings, hearing someone else say it makes it oddly more trustworthy or at least that has been my experience.

  • I have paid for psychic readings over the years and settled on one that really connected well with me. I live near a very famouse spiritual camp so I'm lucky to have a place that offers many choices. When I was young and always seeking I felt that urgent impatience to know--mostly motivated by affairs of the heart--money--family issues or job purpose. I did get some bad readings--and the funny thing is the moment I sat down I knew I had wasted my money and being psychic myself often picked up problems the reader herself had. I think it is hard for a reader to see past her OWN limitations. I did eventually meet a Reverand at the camp who was just amazing--so much so that she was always booked up and I usually called ahead to make sure I saw her. She was my psychic for ten years and very accurate ALTHO my own interpitation interfeared at times. She would record the session and take notes plus have me take notes. Sometimes we think the message means something it doesn't then it happens in a different way BUT makes sense so makes you laugh. Also, the time periods are often not exact--some predictions took years to come. My psychic was a medium so you must understand when Spirit speaks they decide what to say will help --inspire and not hurt you. I have been told little white lies--but later understood how spirit said exactly what motivated me to do what was best so you must have a trust connection with the right person and not get bogged by details. A good psychic is not going to blurt out anything painful that serves no purpose. When my psychic passed away I was lost for a bit yet it was timely for me to be self-reliant. So, for awhile any attempt at visiting psychics did not do well and usually this is Spirit telling you it's time to use your gift if that's your calling. I had a reading 4 years ago that was very good and one recently that was so so but it did serve a purpose as it validated something important I had been dragging my feet about. Altho I believe in free will I also believe there are some things written in stone--destiny that can not be changed--I know some may argue that one but there are events that we can not change. The details may alter or time may alter but I believe in destiney. A choice we wrote before birth. I believe more often then not death comes when it is supposed to. I believe vocations are often destined and these passages are very well guided. Of course we can take the hard road or the smoothe one there but the road diverges exactly where we belong. I have a faith in divine inteligence that despite all our screw ups has us right where we belong at that moment. My psychic used to tell me that we go through 7 year cycles and are given many trys to complete our lessons or we repeat. I also believe spirit has a sense of humour! Passed over loved ones often say things just to make us laugh although the medium may not get it--it's how we know the loved one is real. Specially if they were a real jokester. At the time I saw my psychic once or twice a year I do believe it really helped me--mostly when she warned me about coming challenges and how to aproach them--it really helped me then. Now I realize that you get what you need from angels or strangers unawares if you just listen with an open mind. Whatever your questions on any given day the answer comes at you. I also have cards I pull for myself and they are very accurate. I think there is no one answer for everybody as it is timely. What worked for me then was what I needed and what works now is just as perfect. I think free will is your karma choice to learn the hard way or make it easier on yourself. Take the marriage issue--one can stay with a challenge and learn or leave but then just trade that in for another with a different face. Either way the lesson presents itself regardless. The cost could increase as well as I think when the first whack doesn't wake us up the next one is a bigger whack and so on. This is my interpetation of hell on earth as if indeed we screw up we pay--right here on earth. Instant karma. I feel I get psychic messages out in public all the time. Say I'm deep in thought at the Walmart over an issue and within ten minutes a glowing but complete stranger blurts out just what I needed to hear! This has always been there I believe only most of us need validation and second guess our faith in such everyday miricles. A lot cheaper than a reading! BLESSINGS

  • I have had good readings and not good readings. I totally understand Blmoon's comment about being young and impatient. The bad ones creeped me out, and the weird ones wanted more money for whatever - no good purpose.

    Everyone has free will, but I can say that the two psychics who were the best were amazingly accurate. One worked strictly with a crystal ball, and how she could pull names of people out of the future was amazing - she was right on point with names of people I hadn't met that would be influential friends.

    The other reader used what is called the "Witch Tarot" deck - which were more like playing cards than tarot cards. She told me about western states being good for me; about having a child who would be close but not my own; about a man who would come into my life - some of these were things that would not occur for anywhere from five to fifteen years in the future. I never thought I would travel to the western states, but over 15 years later, I had the opportunity to do so. This past March I flew to CA, now I want to move there.

    That said, if/when you find a good reader, someone you feel comfortable with, they can be a blessing to you. As you see them more often, the more they learn you and can tell you about probable events in the future based upon the course you are following at that time.

    I recently became an angel card reader which I never expected. It is not the same as Tarot, no matter what anyone else thinks. I'm more about giving guidance in the here and now. Unless it's an on-going issue, usually the messages are within a 12-month period of time.

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  • I went to my first psychic at fifteen years old with my older sister. She was a gypsy , everything she told me came to past and my choice to make.

    I than at age twenty-one found a man that was clarivoyant and came highly recommended. He was very accurate and helpful. I went to him for twelve years. He also was a minister of a spiritual church.

    I found a psychic and he was a teacher of methaphysic's in GA. He was very accurate and quite helpful when I found myself in need of guidence.

    Once in a while I can pull cards for myself and get some answers needed along the way.

    I personally am glad that there are others out there like myself that are open hearted and gifted enough to share what we have with others. Yes, there are alot of non-connected readers who are trained with tarot cards to work on lines to make money to fullfill their needs, with no care of being a fake. That is the downside of too many to choose from, weeding them out so to speak and finding ones that are truely gifted and connected to their craft.

  • I don't see much value in asking psychics about the future as it can change quickly according to how and when you change. I see psychics more as therapists who can tell you what is going on with you in the present that might be preventing you moving forward and attracting whatever you want in the future. That way, rather than depending on future predictions, you take charge now of making your own future and moulding it to the way you want it.

  • My first psychic was really when I was a child--she lived across the street and taught me a lot. It wasn't untill I was in my thirties I went to one because my sister paid! It was her idea and we went often for about six months because she kept wanting a different answer and at the time I really didn't care but did learn something and it did bring me to the place I met my psychic who would really help me. She was very accurate with names and events but I always did have the wisdom to not dwell on the reading too much untill the event came up--I always let go and trusted. That's the one thing I think hangs people up in stuck mode when they get their message but just keep obbssesing about it. I think if you are going to ask--and receive you should trust and let go.I guess that's why you should find a psychic you truly feel a connection. I just never stressed over future events or warnings because she always assured me to follow the advice and she always assured me I'd be fine--and no matter how bad the circumstance--Idid come through and her advice was like being prepared. An example would be--she might say that coming up soon my mother was going to be a problem--then she'd tell me what not to do and she'd explain it. Usually when it did come up suddenly I'd hear the psychics voice and remember oh yes this is what she was talking about--then I'd remeber the advice. I never just obbsessed about a reading. So I think that is a good thing to consider for those who stress over readings. Or demand to know details not given. You should be able to go in and not have to ask anything and just be ready to receive guidance. I always prefered a medium because they let your loved ones speak as well. I remember after my father died and my next reading soon as I came in the door she said oh there's a man standing with you and she knew his name and then let him speak and it was so my father! I love those connections to loved ones.I think for those always wanting more you must understand that spirit does not solve everything for you--they guide but you have to do some work or the spiritual growth will not be realized. They plant seeds but you leave their office and you cultivate those seeds. That's why it's not good to get more than two readings a year--it's just not nessassary. You are not listening or doing the work if you need more than that. Anything else is just advice but I think a true psychic reading done well covers advice for at least 6 months if not years. Most spiritual camps will tell you this before a reading with an advice pamphlet. Being too dependant on a psychic is not constructive and I think it's that desperation that gets people in the wrong hands and getting taken or scamed. I've had psychic readings that were general--yes--like a good therapist. BUT the real gem is ver psychic--gives names and places and details that others don't get. I was very blessed to find mine when I did and I feel her presence often!

  • wow that gave me shivers reading that, thankyou everyone, very interesting and Blmoon I get those auditory messages from others aswell, blessings as you say. Things that can;t just be coincidental that relate to you. thanks so much!

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