A Hole In My Heart.

  • I use to date a ViRG0 guy! and he was difficult but now im so heartbroken. i feel like he just wanted me for one thing and still does. we broke up like 3 times . he will always talk or even do me wrong behind my back . a girl had got in between our relationship. and now we aint together we still talk and all i just dont know what do to . everytime i think of him i brake down in tears. i don't want to cry no more. and i met another gut i just don't know if his the one for me. beacause i still love my first love. what should i do??

  • nayboo903,

    what should i do?? because you want to relate, make a move towards the one you wish to relate and offer him your heart.

    You can do it!

  • hey Nay When you said a whole in your heart i actually thought you meant that, because i actually have one of those it is a medical condition too as well as something being heartbroken, sorry your post caught my eye 🙂 you can look it up you know. just thought id let you know it means two things.

    Blessings and good luck PS: i am random so don't worry about it. Bee X

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