• how do you forgive when your afraid the person will hurt you again?

  • Confucius said that an insult only becomes an insult when you choose to accept it, up until then it is just something that someone has blurted out. In the same way, who you are is not based upon the actions of someone else. Have confidence in yourself and maybe a little pity for the person that has hurt you.

  • well forgive is not necessarily forget

    that's why people would say "forgive and forget"

    since life is about learning and moving forward, just learn from the experiences

    and don't FORGET these lessons

    means forgive him (if you decide to do so) but don't forget that this person once betrayed your trust and don't give him/her your trust easily anymore

    stick to the TRUTH because truth is the ultimate positivity

    means if anyone asks you about this person, you will say it as it is

    just like if anyone asks you to describe yourself

    because what you tell them, can help them understand this particular person

  • Hello Leoscorpion& others, Just a little input here on this topic I feel our brain is a bit like this computer, There is a DELETE button and a SAVED button, I delete just enough to keep me grounded, and I save the rest to remind me of the symptoms that brought that person to knowingly betray me. Of course I save some of the signs they displayed once they are discovered and confronted They always blame you for their cruel and thoughtless actions,....." You see you will learn something from it"., they didn,t . so in the end you benefit from your experience. You can forgive what someone said or did but you should never forget how someone made you FEEL... Great if it was a GOOD FEELING......... CAUTION IF IT WAS A BAD FEELING. ....... Leonida

  • leonida

    so glad to see you logging in.

    been wanting to tell you pls change your email address

    someone has been sending spams from your email

    I and other contacts of yours have been getting them

  • Hello leoscorpion, I just received an e-mail from a friend and was told there was a virus in one of my e-mails i really do not know what I should do as most of what I understand about the computer has been taught to me by my son and he no longer lives here just visits occasionally . and right now this computer has become a source of communication with all 3 of my children as they live in other parts of the country and one lives in Europe. I will see if my friend can help me with this. I am so sorry if you are having a problem. If you can advise I will try to follow any instructions you may give. .......... Leonida

  • leonida

    Please don't think I am blaming you. I know you didn't send this spam, but your other contacts may not know it and they will block you. I myself have been spoofed a few times.

    Bring your pc to a technician, if your friend is one, he or she will know what to do.

    Your pc needs all the below:

    • anti virus and anti spyware

    • firewall

    • identity protection

    • online browsing security

    • cleansing and defragmenting at least every week

    Change your email address to different email server. I never hear anything good about AOL so try uninstall any AOL and AIM program you have. Then create new email address, you can choose Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Google Mail. These 3 do not guarantee you will not be spammed, but you will not be sending people spam either. Unless you are not careful with password and your pc is not protected, then any email a/c you have is not safe.

    Don't click on these:

    • emails you don't know who sends it

    • pop ups

    • website URL you don't ask to be sent to you, or sent by someone you don't know

    Now before you have your pc looked at by your friend, save your important files on a CD.

    Your friend will clean up your pc, and clean up the CD somewhere else

    This way you can restore these files back to your pc, without risking them get deleted

    A technician will know better than I do, this is basically what I would do if I were you. It would cost more to have a technician looking at it. I hope your son can help with the money.

  • Hi, Guess it depends on how bad the hurt was. Probably need to discuss with this person. If they are closed and you don't think they'll listen, then they may be closed to your feelings. Maybe your feelings are trying to tell you something. We all get hurt somewhat all the time. I guess look at the severity and how much it re-occurs. Don't play a victim. The enemy is out to destroy and there is a lot of that around.

  • to forgive is for your heart/spirit/soul to heal and breathe again, if you're afraid of being subject to this person's hurtful ways perhaps not allowing them your presence would change the situation somehow. i'd pray for their peace and the willingness to not worry about a thing which has not happened.

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