I need advise really bad... im so confused

  • the man that ive been inquiring about, well we talked this past weekend... didnt go so well... it was all computer conversations... did not see him at all... friday i left him a message... and from our last arguement he still is holding on to the madness and said do not contact him at all... yet in facebook he adds me as a friend and puts himself on my friends list... im so confused as to why he is doing this.... doesnt make sense to me... either he wants to be friends or no friends right... HELP!!!! jaffeebella

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  • this time reading i think i fully understand what you were telling me... before i think i wanted to hear differently and like just looked for what i wanted to hear... i thank you for the advise again, im just so emotional and been through so much lately... i guess i never fully healed from my last relationship and went right into another and got dumped and hurt again... i guess i fell on my butt twice... not as hard as the second time, but it was a dump either way... i dont know why i go back for more... i dont know why when i see the red light, it is like so hard for me to understand it... im really the type of person that deserves punishment, that is the only way i learn i think... but in any case, watergirl, i thank you so much for all this time you spent on me... it just really confused me to have him say i dont want anymore contact with you, yet he puts me on his facebook as a friend the next minute litterally... very weird... to me it is like a deliberate confusion, and to want me to contact him... maybe he likes or wants the attention... who knows... well anyways... thanks again watergirl, jaffeebella

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  • thanks and im so hurt... i feel like letting a stream of tears flow out of me... i dont understand why i fall into the same trap always with men... is it something im doing so wrong, or not learning... is it something like when i see a red light to learn to walk away and not stay in it... what is it that im not seeing... truly all my life ive had relationships that were possibilities never yes or no... i think that is why ive always been so confused with them... as do i let go or hang on... well anyways, thanks so much watergirl... i guess deep down i still want it to work between us, but if it isnt i need to face the truth... right right... jaffeebella

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  • i never knew or been told that before... you are so right... but in a way i dont know where to start in finding myself... or begin at that... i just dont know what i want in life... i know my life isnt fullfilled the way i wish it was... but i guess in time it will come... and like you say only i can fullfill it... i guess what i need to work on first is that im worthy of love... and to love myself... that is the first thing... ive been a victum of abuse so much, that i get confused with a trueness of a person and abuse... i feel abuse is love... if that makes sense... all my life ive witnessed my mother being abused and i follow in her footsteps... i understand clearly what you are telling me... but things have to take time and steps first... i have so much going on in my life that are going to take so much time... then i guess i can move forward... jaffee

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  • thanks i am and you are right

    i think im just making myself feel sorry for myself instead of taking the bull by the horns and charging with it... you are so right... somethings cannot be changed but the things that can be nothing stops me from changing them if i want my life fullfilled... and i do... fullfillment isnt just with a man... there is so much to life and who really knows what will fullfill me... i havnt a clue to what will because i always went in a circle of life, not a straight line and through the tunnel to the light that is giving by god for me to go towards... i guess that is why i do make the same mistakes in life... its frustrating... but only i am in control... you got that right... i needed this so much watergirl, and thank you for making me see the brighter part of my life... i have nothing stopping me... i can move in such a wonderful direction and all if i only get off my booty and do IT!!!!

  • Dear Watergirl,

    I am very inspired in your readings and advice, I have seen a few forums that you have responded back to and i think you are truely gifted. I am Seeking some advice and felt drawn to you to ask for help.

    I am in a relationship with a truely great guy and we have been together for 9 months now. We live 2 1/2 hours away from each other and we both have busy schedules during the week, which we only get to see each other once a week, so i guess you could call it a long distance relationship. We are both Leo's and alot of the time we but heads because we are soo much alike, but our love for each other is very strong and unexplainable. within the last 2 months we started having a few problems and have broken up 4 times then got right back together again. Could You please do a reading for me and him and hopefully give me insight? My Birthday is 08-22-1987 and his is 07-24-1984. I don't doubt that the lack of love isn't there, I just wanna know " Are we compatible enough to make it work for the long haul, or should we end it and just let go?" and what he's thinking about the whole situation. Thanks


  • hi watergirl, loved the advice you gave. Do you mind doing a reading for me too? My DOB is 19.02.1982 and the person for whom I have feelings for is 29.11.1982.

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  • Good evening Watergirl18

    Happy Oct 1st. this is Illona July 12 1961 I had asked on your other post if you could do a reading for me about my school money and what do you see for me in the month of Oct. And I have a question to ask. I did a astrogoly tarot card reading. My question is it does the reading by the signs so like the aries one it said that "Who you are and how you present yourself to the world. How you think about yourself and how you project it. (Self, Personality)" and I pulled the aces of pentacles. so how do you reading them and understand is that for each sign or I just read my sign cancer. Thanks so much have a awonderful weekend.


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  • hi watergirl, thank you so much for the reading, yes it makes comlete sense specially the hanged man card. i will give you a brief outline of the relation which will explain the cards better 🙂

    strength - yes, my feelings about this reln is almost blind faith and that is why i have been hanging on even though the facts tell me otherwise

    empress- again, i have the desire for this reln to go to the next level inspite of all hindrances 🙂

    6 of cups - might explain the fact that i have recently terminated my reln of 6 years after realising that i was living a lie, but my ex- has been trying to help me at this time of emotional upheaval, he is a libran and that might explain "equilibirum"

    hanged-man - this card even though might be confusing signifies a lot, when i realised my feelings for ankit i also realised that there is more to me and my life than what i have lived and thiought so far so i decided to completely change my life and started delving into my inner-being. i gave up a lot, my security, stability both emotional and financial for this and that is why i guess the card came up. hmm,,,very interesting but i would be really grateful if you can do a specific 'yes' or 'no' about our future. if there is a hope of a future together or should i just give up hope? a few days back there was a discussion about me leaving the town which had upset him so i was thinking if i say that i am leaving and he might see this relation in a diff perspective. if you can do a reading about that it will be great. sorry to be so descriptive and once again thanks for all your help and advice

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  • thnkx again watergirl...i guess it is better to walk away as you say then holding onto something which is not possible. i spent some wonderful moments with him and the attraction is really strong from my end, but as you say there is more likely to be someone who is better for me around the corner. with regards to the money issue, the card might have come up because he is very materialistic and money matters to him a lot, sometimes i feel more than emotions. anyways i will try pushing aside all the emotions and come away a better person, thanx once again for the wonderful advice.

    love, swati

  • Dear Watergirl,

    I went to a Tarot reader 2 Saturdays ago asking about someone I became involved with that I knew in high school. Asked me to marry him, was in the process of divorcing his wife. He's from Alabam so he moves back there to have surgery, find a job etc. This person called me evryday several times a day, texts, told his family about us etc. So they all knew what our plan was. Within a few weeks of him arriving in Alabama the wifes parents drop her in Alabama and tell him you take care of her we don't want her she's nothing but trouble (which she is).

    Since that time I've really onld contact with him 4 times and that was when I called there.(At his parents) where he is for now until work etc.

    I asked him if he loves me he said he did'nt know he don't know anything right now

    2nd time was yes he does

    3rd time was yes buts its over for now

    4th time he don't know.

    He is no longer in love with his wife and he has made it clear to her and everyone else.

    He tells me she has no where to go he can't just throw her out on the street,

    I speak with his Mom and she said he does'nt talk to her, they don't sleep together, etc.

    So what is going on?

    I went to a reader 2 sat. ago he tld no he does'nt love her etc. and that in March he'd come for me but I have to let go for now and that he does love you and I'd marry him

    I went back this sat because I had some other questions and the same reader said no you wont marry him etc but he does love you.

    Can you please please help me with this??????

    The reader used the cards that are most commonly used Waitter?



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