I just want to break down and cry

  • It is one of those days again. I'm feeling so despondent as my current job is getting me down and it seems like there is no escape as there is nothing bright (job-wise) on the horizon.

    And because I feel so miserable at work I feel like I'm wasting each and every precious day away.

    The feeling of helpnessness threatens to engulf me. I feel like I can't breathe. I just want to run and hide in some corner and cry.

    I wish someone could help - but I don't know how.

  • Hi Sunshinebabe82,

    Can't really help you but just wanted to send you a cyber hug. Sorry you are feeling so despondent.

    I am sure someone gifted will come along soon and give you reason to believe that there is a silver lining to every dark cloud, until then keep posting your thoughts and feelings here. we are here.

  • Hi Sunshine babe, I have no mystical powers but not to long ago was in the same boat and what helped me was prayer and realising that there are evil people in the world who have no joy in their lives and therfore only spread darkness and fear. Realise that YOU cannot change other people, you can only change how you allow them to effect you. I don't know if you belive in prayer but it really changes things around. If so ask God to surround you with his light and try to stay positive no matter what happens, breathe in and out and smile.

    Try Reading Psalm 27 for anyone who bothers you and Psalm 23 lets you know you are not alone. Eventually things will get better watch and see. 🙂

  • P.S. In this economy there are really not many jobs to choose from so don't let anyone steal your source of bread and butter or your joy!

  • Dearest Sunshine-babe-82. Just take a look at the name you have chosen for yourself. You know deep inside you there is the light that brings out the sunshine. Face everyday with your best self and with optimism. Remember that everything happens for a reason. If you are to loose that job, the Divine will grant you a better one if you only wish and try for one. Just let that light burning inside you be your guide. Assuming from your name again, you are young. You are the hope for the other generations that will follow and the example. If you don't like your job, just like most of us, it is possible that it might be the best thing at the moment for you to work out some issues.

    I wish you much luck and blessings. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • From first hand, I am going through the same feelings as you. I have lost my interest in almost everything I loved to do. My job is taking away my energy, college is taking away what's left and when I get home i don't even have the strength to help my little brother with his homework. But I hate to say this, when you say you want to break down and cry....DO IT. Sometimes crying makes you feel better. There is nothing wrong with letting go and crying as much as it takes. Sometimes it will be for fifteen minutes...sometimes for an hour or you'll end up taking a whole day with little cries. I'm sorry if it's not much help. But sometimes two people with some horrible problems can help the other work out.

  • Thank you all for reply to my post - it's so lovely to find nice people who listen and offer advice.

    Fanofkmm, thank you for much for caring and for the cyberhug - it makes me feel all warm inside. 🙂

    Poetic555 - I believe in prayers and I have been praying almost all my life. I do believe in God. It's just that I have been miserable in this job for a long time already and nothing else suitable seems to come along. I have tried applying for some but no results. I feel like it's one long waiting game and also that time is runing out... And negative people - there are definitely a couple of those here who just zaps my energy by moaning all the time about everything under the sun. Not possible to get away from their moaning. But being 'exploited' at work is the biggest issue of all. Thank you for your advice to me. 🙂

    Mylove2u, thank you for your motivating words - I tried to remember why I created this username and you're right. I love your advice. I'm 28 (not that young right?? :P) but yesterday was one of those days where I felt like I was 82 instead. I pray to the Divine for a new and better job everyday and night. Desperation is sinking in. It's a waiting game I guess...

    KittyLolita, sounds like we are in the same boat then. I'm also in the midst of a degree program, so I know that work and school at the same time is no easy feat. And believe me, I've cried so much that I have no tears left but dust. 😉 I hope you find the strength that you look for and need - my thoughts are with you too.

    Thank you all, kind folks - you've already made my Friday morning a very good one!!

    Best wishes to all of you,


  • I have those days alot too, especially when I am not busy at work or sometimes when I am alone in my thoughts and feel that everyone depends on me. I know most of it has to do with myself when I take on alot. The other day, I went to an event with one of my older sister's, who had been sick, to get her out of the house. Her daughter and a niece went with us. Well we all ended up winning door prizes, even though I didn't plan on winning anything. My concern was to get her out of the house, and showing her a good time.

    Fortunately for me, I am not feeling like I could just burst out and cry today, even though I feel like it. I miss a very good friend, and there is nothing I can do about it. We don't talk anymore.

    My advice is do something good for yourself. I know it's hard, but it works. Today, I am going to try and get a spa appointment for a massage. I got a half price coupon some months back. Treat yourself to your favorite food or dessert. Do something for you. I sometimes feel that it is wrong to be selfish, but it's not. Remember to do something for you.

    Good luck and don't worry, you will feel better.

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