• MY BDAY IS 6/5/87

  • You have plenty of time left in which to get married so that's not the real concern here. Your real question is "Am I lovable enough to attract someone who would want to spend their life with me?"

    Think on it. Your insecurity and self-doubt is what is holding you back from finding someone special.

  • what does my insecurity and self doubt have to do with anything i dont understand what that has to do with my romantic affairs i think if a man really likes you nothing can turn him completely off you

  • I can relate to you hotvirgo! I am 28 and just ended my first serious relationship, but I take love and matters of the heart serious therefore I do not jump in and out of relationships. Take your time please and do not settle to have marriage. It will happen, but don't be too eager, I believe love comes when you least expect it.

  • I've asked myself the same question a lot lately -- All my friends are getting married and having babies. Plus my birthday is coming up and I am single yet again. Birthdays always make me reflect on the past year and question why things havent changed for me. Anyway, feeling anxious and overwhelmed I decided to run away for a few days. I drove 900 miles just to think and to be with myself. While away I visited a spiritualist camp where I had a tarot reading and also met with a very insightful and caring medium who read my spirits/energies . I was told that I need to identify my relationship fears and let them go in order to attract the right mate and that I needed to keep positive because negative thoughts will block out any happiness that might be coming my way. I was also told that I have a lot of pink light around me, indicating that I am looking to work on my relationships. This felt so true! For months I've been telling the universe that I need love and that I'm ready for it so I wasn't surprised that he felt that kind of energy around me . But all this time I guess I was doing it wrong. First of all, I don't "need" love, I "deserve" love. And by having negative thoughts in my mind like "what's wrong with me, why can't I find love" I've been blocking it from coming to me. Now that I am aware of this I plan to conduct myself with confidence and patience instead of anxiousness, which is absolutely more attractive to a man anyway. I am sorry that you are feeling the way that you are and I hope you are able to emit positive energy so that positive things are attracted to you. Just remember that when going into a relationship you should always make sure that you are a "whole person" so that you can contribute to the relationship. If you aren't already happy and independent you will have a hard time having a healthy, rewarding relationship.

  • miamiem

    thanks so much for those kind words and very helpful advice i will start today

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