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  • Hi,

    I wonder if anyone can help me interperet the cards i pulled for a general reading. I used the rider waite deck. I'm a Gemini born 6/14/71. These are the cards i pulled and the way i usually read them.

    Situation: 8 penticles

    Crossing card 7 penticles

    Conscious 10 Penticles

    Sub conscious Tower

    Past 10 wands

    near future Emporer

    Advice World

    Home/ environment Lovers

    Hopes/ wishes 4 Penticles

    Outcome King Wands

    I'm confused because i don't know if the lovers is a decision card or love so is the outcome focusing on personality traits or a person? If the lovers is to do with a relationship, does that mean the situation cards represent a reconciliation?

    Any interpretations are greatly appreciated......Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Situation: 8 penticles: work situation.

    Crossing card 7 penticles: your challenge is your uncontentedness with that what you get.

    Conscious 10 Penticles: you are conscious only of the shadow of truth.

    Sub conscious Tower: there lies repressed your being subject to the lies of society.

    Past 10 wands: too much stress, you were overburdened.

    near future Emporer: you will be in every life situation at home.

    Advice World: get in harmony with your world.

    Home/ environment Lovers: your environment makes you feel free and calmly flowing.

    You are right, the Lovers have two faces, one is the decision-card, you should follow your heart, not your mind, the other face are the lovers, being in love with each other. But the common ground is to follow one´s heart. But here the position of this card is a descriptive one. So it describes the influence of your environment to you. Even it would be lovers, it would be lovers in your environment, not you yourself. If there would be someone in your environment who would want to love YOU, it would be better described by the page of cups.

    Hopes/ wishes 4 Penticles: being by yourself, saving money, regenerating of the stress of the past.

    Outcome King Wands: You are dominated by the will power of a man (if you are a woman). Otherwise you are identified with your will power.

    Mulla Nasrudin and his two friends were discussing

    what they would do if they awoke one morning to

    discover that they were millionaires.

    The Spaniard friend said he would build a bull ring.

    The American friend said he would go to Paris to have a

    good time.

    And, Mulla Nasrudin said HE WOULD GO TO SLEEP AGAIN TO


  • Thank you think that the emporer and lovers card as they are relating to contentment in the home, could mean follow my heart in working from home???

  • learnintarot,

    do you think that the emporer and lovers card as they are relating to contentment in the home, could mean follow my heart in working from home??? no, the lovers card is the influence from outside having an effect on you, the emperor is an influence having its effect in near future on you.

    The modern man is the falsest man that has ever

    existed on the earth, and his falsity consists in that

    she thinks she can know by just seeing, just by being a

    spectator. When are you going to play yourself? When are

    you going to love somebody? When are you going to dance

    and sing and be?

  • Hi Hans,

    thanks for your insight and interpretations 🙂

  • learnintarot,

    when Alexander the Great came to India... and he came

    at a very right, ripe moment... Buddha had left his

    body only three hundred years before; his vibe was

    still alive. People were still filled with the joy,

    with the silence that they have experienced in Buddha.

    He had gone, the flower has disappeared, but the

    fragrance was still in the air, still lingering. It

    lingered on at least for five hundred years.

    Alexander was very much surprised; he had never felt

    such quality. He came across many people he had never

    come across in his whole life. They were strange --

    they talked a strange language, they lived a strange

    life. He was mystified.

    He met a naked fakir and he was so much impressed by

    the man's beauty, his grace, his silence, his bliss,

    that suddenly he felt his own poverty. And he was the

    conqueror of that time, the conqueror of the then known

    world, the greatest conqueror ever. And he felt his

    beggarliness before this naked beggar, because he could

    see he was empty. And this naked man was overflowing

    with meaning, with joy, with splendor.

    Alexander begged from this beggar that, "Give me some

    gift that can be of help to me!"

    The beggar pulled out a small mirror -- so goes the

    story -- from his bag, and gave the mirror to Alexander

    the Great. Seeing that it is just an ordinary mirror,

    and very cheap too, Alexander said, "Do you think this

    is such a great gift? From a man like you I was

    expecting something really miraculous!"

    And the naked fakir laughed and he said, "It is more

    than you could have ever expected. Keep it safe for the

    day when the question arises in you 'Who am I?' and

    then look into it."

    Alexander could not resist the temptation. That very

    night when he was alone, he looked into the mirror and

    he was surprised: he saw his original face.

    This must be a story, because no mirror can show you

    your original face -- unless that mirror means

    meditation. Meditation can show you your original face.

    The story simply says that the beggar gave him the

    secret of meditation; it is a metaphorical way of

    saying. Meditation is a mirror. All the mirrors can

    only show the physical face, but meditation can show

    you your spiritual face.

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