Birthday present for ex should I?

  • Ive depressed ever since me and my ex broke up after a 6 year relationship, i still have strong fellings for him and i dont know what his fellings are towards me. It's it ok to give youre ex boy friend cake, we have no comunication in about a year.

    I was planning to get him a cake, i found a bakery that does cattering as well so i could have it deliver.

    Could someone do a tarot love reading for me? please

  • If you have had no communication with him for over a year, it seems a bit desperate to contact him out of the blue like this. You are trying to get a response from him but I think him not getting in touch for a whole year is a pretty clear message. I don't think he would respond to a cake if he hasn't responded to anything else from you.

    What broke you up?

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