Why Am I Cursed??

  • I'm sure being cheated on can screw you up for awhile. Glad to hear you are getting back on track.

  • Hey, I didn't even use a bad word there. It took my 5 letter word and made it look like a 4. LOL

  • manifestdreams,

    Thank you, I feel great and being cheated on did mess me up for awhile, it took over a year for me to actually get over the fact that not everyone cheats. It hurt badly to know that I am the type of guy who cannot cheat on anyone and when it happened to me, that just made me messed me up to where even when I was talking to other women during this past year that are friends, I could not get into a relationship with them and even when I was working out things with my ex as well, I could not even get over that she cheated on me, and really did not get back into a real relationship with her. I don't think I could ever trust her and now I am getting my head back on straight realizing not everyone is like her even though some of my women friends and a co-worker of mine is like her. I just think avoid the ones with the character flaws of wanting to party, have more guy friends then women 99% guys and 1% female friends. That was the first thing I did not like especially when my ex would never let me meet her guy friends well most of them anyways, she let me meet 2 of them but the other ones nope always an excuse. So what I learned was when a potential girlfriend that has guy friends, wont let me meet them, then I will just end it because that is a sign of something distrustful is definitely going on...

    Well I am glad that I have been focusing on myself and my daughter. In a perfect world, I wish I could have everything that I want but I realize that will not happen and the best thing is to continue to keep on track, work, eating right, working out, taking care of my baby girl when I have her and dont let anything get me down..

    Thank you all again,


  • Charlie, your new positive attitude is changing your future even as I post this. You are now attracting much better circumstances to you. Whatever you give out comes back to you.

    I feel that you blame yourself a lot for your ex's behaviour, that you feel your love for her should have helped her. You are an empathic sensitive soul who picks up other people'e emotions easily - you felt every sad and bad emotion that your partner did so naturally you felt connected to her. But there are some hard-headed/hearted people who can only learn and evolve through bitter and difficult experience and she is one of those people. There comes a point in a deteriorating situation where you have to realise there is nothing more you can do and that for your own health and sanity you have to get out or else go down with the sinking ship.

    As to your future, if you can keep fighting your propensity for passivity and thin skin by taking action and maintaining your position of strength and optimism, you will definitely prosper. A new life (and Love) awaits, resulting from your new attitude. The connectedness you had with your ex was due to your own sensitivity and empathic ability so you can find it again with someone else. It's your special talent. You can use your ability to deal with people more effectively because you know what they are feeling. Don't let self-doubt or fears of loss and abandonment hold you back. You have a tendency to over-romanticize your partners so try and be a little more practical next time you decide to hook up with someone. Take more time to get to know the real person beneath the infatuation. Being an empath myself, I know that we can feel someone else's affection for us and mistake it for our own feelings of love. Use your psychic sensitivity to discern who is really right for you.

    At the moment you are in a period of introspection where you need solitude and alone time in order to sort yourself out. As an empath, you need to get away from the influence of other people' sfeelings so that you can think for yourself in peace. You need to look deep within to find the answers you seek. It's good to take time out to assess your overall situation and re-examine your life and desires - you may not still want the things you used to want or you may just have to change your action plan for getting them. This is a time when self-examination and planning for the future will pay off with great rewards. A most beneficial exercise is meditation. This daily practice will assist in helping you learn to listen to your heart and your inner voice. This will also help you develop your intuition and learn how to ground and centre yourself in the present moment. Examine how much you worry. Worry is a sign that you're not in the present moment. Pay close attention to what your feelings want to tell you, rather than "spinning" in worry. You have your feelings for a reason. They can point you to what is important to you. Make a list of your essential values and needs. Ask yourself which of these are negotiable, and which are non-negotiable. Get plenty of rest now, eat well, and take care of yourself, for you will soon be very busy.

    This reflective period will be followed next year by a time of capital gains and attainment. This will be your power year when you can have everything you want simply by being so determined and positive that nothing can hold you back. The world is your oyster this year. 2011 represents a time for moving from the inner world into the outer world. Get ready to manifest what you have been working toward. You have things going for you so long as you take advantage and act. It will be easy for you to branch out and expand in a businesslike manner in 2011. This will be the time to exude self-confidence and authority, because others will be receptive to your leadership and control. Your power and status potential will be at a peak. Material issues, career, and worldly accomplishments will come to the forefront. Organization will be important, and monetary gain is very likely when you focus on structure and personal empowerment. People, especially women, will be attracted to your power and confidence. Hold onto your hat Charlie, because your life is going to take off!!!!

  • TheCaptain,

    Thank you, You hit it right on about my relationship with my ex and now I have clean conscience about everything. I definitely will not worry about anything ever again. I am actually happier now that I thought it was all me but now I know it was not. I am going to start meditating again definitely. I consider my religous beliefs as Buddhist but I have not meditated in a long time. So it is time to do it. I am so relieved and blessed that what I have always known what ever you send out it always comes back.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. I will keep my positive attitude up because I dont want anymore negativity to ever affect my life or psyche ever again. I am going to take this time and keep being positive and get myself situated better for an even greater more positive future. I am stoked because I thought it was unattainable but now I realize it was just my own negative attitude from my ex. Thank you, thank you and thank you again..


  • Wow Charlie what a change from your first post!

    Good luck to you, you will be in our thoughts.

  • Thank you again TheCaptain.. I just had to relook over at the whole situation and I feel better just being positive. Nothing will change if I am negative and worry about everything. So why not just let it all go and look at the positive things in my life, I have a gorgeous baby girl, my great supportive family, a job, all of my snakes, my car and my 3x trucks. I could be way worse then where I am sitting now. I am looking at my life and figuring out why not start going after what I want and keep that as my goal. It is exhilirating.

    Thank you so much for everything,


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