Help! I don't think I'll ever truly

  • love my husband!

    I don't know what to do! I would love to love this man he is so good to me but I just don't feel like I will ever be IN LOVE with him the way I should be!

    I've even let him go at one time but I missed him. I thought maybe I did the wrong thing by letting him go but it seems like I feel the same way I did then.

    I don't know if my heart is hard because of my last marriage or if my heart is in love with my x husband still. I don't know what seems to be blocking me from loving this man that deserves to be loved.

    I don't want to hold onto him if I am unable to love him it is just not fair to him or the people around us!

    Please tell me what to do! How do I fall IN LOVE with him, unharden my heart or forget my x? What can I do please help me! He deserves much more then what I am currently giving him!

    Yes he's lazy as heck sometimes and not to mention a slob and these things drive me crazy but are those really the things that should push a relationship over the edge? I just don't know. My x used the excuse when he left that I had been "lazy" etc but I loved him with all my heart. I couldn't understand why he left, had to be more to it I thought. I just don't want to do to someone what was done to me. If you aren't in love with someone should you make an excuse to let them go, I just don't know!

    Don't get me wrong I love my husband, I think, but where is the IN LOVE part & what do I have to do to get it?


  • You have lost the romance from your relationship because you now see your husband as he really is. The romance stage always passes as our dreams change to reality. How would you feel if you were with this man for the rest of your life? Be aware that any new relationship will certainly be romantic and exciting at first but will always lose its romance once you two get to really know each other. If you are only looking for that idealistic romantic heady stage, then you will have to constantly move on from partner to partner. Real love is 'warts and all'.

    Ask yourself if you actually LIKE your husband?

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