Watergirl18 ...or anyone?

  • Hey! I noticed that you had some very insightful talents that you've shared with other ppl. I am feeling very anxious today! was hoping that some general insight to remove me from my bias could give me something to go on for a while? Thanks!

    8/7/1985 @ 5 am MST

  • Anxiety is our own byproduct because of the way we think. That you have to change for yourself. Take a chamomile tea at night and try to spend 10 minutes in silence in the morning. Footsoaking at night or in the morning with a tablespoon of salt will get all that anxiety fixed.

    Be well.

  • Thanks ML2U, do you have any insight on how to meditate? I don't think I get it! Am i supposed to be blank or pondering something? And whenever I blank, I just take a nap! 😛 ha ha I don't think I do it right.

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