Don't know what to do ... Leo women with Cancer man

  • This is a long story ... I'll try to make it as short as possible. For the past 2 years I have been involve with a Cancer man and things are just a emotional ride. I feel for him and he claims to feel the same, but we seem to not take it to the next step. Wants me to trust what he feels and understand his moodiness ... and to leave in the now. Here's the problem he claims to be in love with two women at the same time .. that's there's no real reason for him not to be with me. My issue is this my ex boyfriend has not really moved on and I allow him to carry on. I don't know if that causing him to settle with the other girl (safely net) or is he playing games with me.

    The reason why i question and have hope is because when we are together the fireworks and emotions are so real and very much felt that it has to be sincere. The passion is so great and I feel safe with him...he's so gentle and caring that it's hard to think he's playing games. I just have issues trusting ... i dont know it's my pride. Im just confuse of what I should do...any suggestions?

  • We cannot and should not want other people to change - we can only change ourselves. Your Cancer man will not change even if you want him to. He is what he is. If you want to be with him, you will either have to accept all his moodiness, fireworks, and double standards forever, or move on.

  • Im not looking to change him ... I want to understand what is wrong and what I'm doing wrong. Apparently something is not right ... and if it's because of my fault I would like to know what it is so that I could change that if I like.

  • you can't hit a square peg into a round hole. not going to work. he is not going to change for you. it's real easy to find fault in another. if you feel it's all your fault, then you need to ASK HIM what it is that is bugging him about you. and then see if you can change it.

    good luck with this crab.... sunny

  • By YOUR standards, things between you are not right. But to your Cancer man, he is used to being the way he is, moods and all. You think he's playing games, he just thinks he's behaving normally. Obviously you two need to sit down and talk honestly and openly about your two different approaches to a relationship. You need a definite answer from him about in which direction he wants the two of you to go. If he can't give you a straight answer, move on to someone who will. You are a fire sign and he is water, which can douse your flame and put out your enthusiasm if you're not careful. It's your choice whether to allow that or not.

  • Captain thanks for your opinion and advice. You are right, and many time I forget that what I feel, think is not what exactly right and what other's may agree. I fight myself to know if this I feel for him is real on his part. He's very fickle and contradicts about everything said or done. We both decided to go back to your ex and try to take a break. Still feeling that attraction and missing each other fondly ... he wants us to be friends and is very concern why i return to my ex. He just hops if hes situation changes that I will pick up his call. It's just weird how this relationship has gone a roller coaster ride.. and to keep in mind that maybe me also being fickle about him caused him to react the way he did. Hoping time will help us fix this confusion and make the heart fonder.

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