Calling all PICES!

  • Hi I'm mike, my birthday is feb. 28th 1991, I've gotta say I've never felt so at home. This forum is full of ME, I share so many traits with all of you.. From overwhelming emotions to inuitive predictions, I CAN RELATE.

    I find that people who are hurting cling to me, and I am very good at tending to emotional/spiritual pain, although sometimes I feel like I myself bear pain that is uncureable. My emotions are a rollercoaster of positives and negatives (nothing too much to handle of course) but it's definitely a RIDE. I feel compelled to help others and to be strong for those who are weak-willed.

    I am having a hard time finding my direction and path in life.

    I feel a pessemistic sense of uninterest some days that I fight away but It leaves me wondering if It has anything to do with being a pices. (?)

    I feel as though I am a natural born optimist, but also a pessimist in it's own right. (is that odd?)

    I smoke pot occassionaly, it gives me inner-peace.

    It is almost ironic that I feel like such a strong person when compared to most, but at the same time I feel so weak and compelled feel other's emotions.

    Will I ever have MY feelings in order?

    I'm 19 and desperately trying to figure myself!

    thank you 🙂


  • generic4mike,

    if It has anything to do with being a pices. (?) yes.

    I feel as though I am a natural born optimist, but also a pessimist in it's own right. (is that odd?) no.

    Will I ever have MY feelings in order? No.

    help!: you are dominated by your mother. Emancipate yourself.

    mike, even if you go to see the ruins of the golden days of

    the Greek civilization, you take a guide with you. The

    guide is not superior to you; he simply knows more

    about the terrain, he can be helpful.

  • genericformike,

    As a pisces I can relate to what your saying.

    I went through those emotions, they started when I was 11 and its not easy.

    The good news is as you age, it does get MUCH BETTER.

    You will be able to control those emotions. (I did not smoke pot, perhaps I should

    What I have learnt, stay around positive people, and KEEPING BUSY makes a difference.

    Find things you enjoy doing, try not to be alone alot, even though we do like our space.

    I still have negetive people drawn to me, but I help where I can, then move on, for me its

    not being inconsiderate, its all I can handle and I move myself away from those situations.

    I have learn't the hard way too, take care of yourself first......VERY IMPORTANT!

    Don't give up, your young go out and enjoy your life, find something positive everyday, no matter how small.

    Pisces have more positives than negetives, no better feeling when we are happy.

    Its all part of the learning process too.

    Don't know if this helps, your definately not alone!

    Stay well and happy


  • hanswolfgang: Not really sure what you mean about emancipating myself from my parents, what does that have to do with being a pices?

    Picesstar: thank you for your input I'm glad to know that I'm not alone : ) did you ever have sleeping problems??

  • generic4mike,

    first, it is pisces.

    what does that have to do with being a pices? as a pisces you are prone to be dominated by the will power of your father.

    Isn´t it also true, that you are scared too? What is the fear that prevents you from relaxing into your own self?

  • generic4mike,

    I did have trouble sleeping, and one thing I used to do to help me sleep at night was read.

    Now, I do the same thing, read, listening to soft music or meditation cds. (I don't have a tv in my room). These help me immensley. When I am unhappy or going through something, I have trouble sleeping. Try and do some of those things, make an effort to help yourself, as bad as you feel sometimes, you will get through it, if I did you can too....TRULY!!

    All I know I did go through a crazy period in my life where I thought I was losing it, but as I mentioned before, the older I got, the better I got a handle on things.

    Stay positive!


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