• Dear Ms Sunny ,

    I was recomended to ask you for a reading as my husband is having terrible moodswings

    lately that are very worrying to me its as if his whole demeanor changes towards me its like living with Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde and i notice that they are becoming more frequent . I have tried to make him see a doctor because i feel that he may be suffering depression but he is very head strong and is not have any of it .

    I was wondering if you might be able to pick up on what is causing these sudden moodswings to happen I would be very greatful for anything that you get if you have the time

    his dob is 11-12-70 . Thankyou and many blessings 2u Mags

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  • Bi-polar, and yes, he does need to see a dr, and right away. unfortunately I am swamped with a medical crises with a family member and can't devote too much time here..

    bi-polar is a serious mental condition, and can be treated with drugs. also his diet is in need of a overhaul as I picked up too much junk food, and some of this can be linked to a food allergy or chemicals.

    sorry I am unable to help more.. Ms Sunny

  • Dear Ms Sunny ,

    Thankyou so much i really appreaciate you taking the time to do this for me its as i feared

    he doesnt eat a lot of junkfood as such but he does smoke a hell of a lot .

    Im sorry to hear that you have a medical crisis in the family I will say prayers for you and your family .

    Once again Many Thanks

    God Bless Mags

  • Sorry about the crosses in my post it was the word opposite from heaven

    Thanks again Namaste

  • oooh, thank you so much for the pic. you did not know this? but I love mermaids. so thank you for that.

    if he does not eat lots of junk food? then there maybe something he is eating on a regular basis that his body/mind is reacting to a particular chemicals.

    he should go to the dr for an evaluation. if he is smoking medicinal MJ? if so, that stuff is usually ok for most folks, BUT if he has undianogsed Mental condition, it could be making him feel worse. does that make sense?

    I just got news, that my Father in law health is failing... I really do not think he will be with us for much longer.

    thank you for your prayers.... xo Sunny

  • hahahaha

    I could not figure out the word with the asterisks? it actually took me awhile, sorry I am slow this morning.

    the word you are thinking of??? is H e l l

    yea, tabacco can kill you, and make you sicker. but I don't think the tabacco is causing his mood swings though.

    he still needs to have himself checked out. all men can be big babies when it comes to seeing a dr. always so afraid to find out what it is, when it can be a simple thingy that could be an allergy/chemical reaction.

    for example, he could be allergic to tomatoes or gluten.

    explain to him YOU are scared, and his behavior is frightening. keep talking to him he will eventually go to the dr.

    best of luck, Sunny

  • Sunny,

    So sorry to hear about your father in law, prayers will be sent on his behalf.


  • thank you tonib... last I heard he is struggling... i dunno... not looking good at all. it's always hard to lose a parent no matter what age you are..

    livingonaprayer, there could be numerous things that go on with the body that absolutely can cause mood swings. such as allergies, but there are other ailments that are silent killers if not treated... when was the last time he has his blood sugars checked, and blood pressure ?

    I do feel a medical adviser would the best course of action for him.. good luck sweetie, and I will send good vibes for you so he will be easy to deal with...Sunny

  • Hey Ms. Sunny ! I did`nt know that you do readings ! Could you please do one for me ?

    His d.o.b is 6/30/82 - Hopefully this will give me a better understanding about him !

    Thanks a bunch !!!!!!!

    ps. Im sorry for invading your post , but mine is acting crazy & wont let me post anything !

    @ livingonaprayer - i will keep you and your Husband in my Prayers

    @ Ms. Sunny - Prayers still remain for you Father in Law !

  • Dear Ms Sunny,

    Im sorry to hear about your fatherinlaw , thankyou so much for your time i will send healing energy his way, My husband has had rapid weight loss he went to the doctor by himself which i was in shock horror about( like you said they are big babies) and all the tests came back fine or so hes telling me ,as i have had a gut feeling that he is keeping things from me but i cant prove anything only the moodswings have alerted me and the wieghtloss as well of course , hes not dispaying any signs of bipolar as such like getting on a high ,talking rapidly, eratic behavour or anything like that its just the moodswings when hes having them he looks at me as if he hates me its a horrible feeling but he acts ok still the same around our kids .

    With his diet now i think about it you are totally spot on he works afternoon shift and doesnt eat at the right times and has a very sweet tooth .

    Thanks so much MsSunny youve been a godsend helping me with this as at times i feel as if

    im all alone as i havent told any other family members or friends about this yet as im still trying to come to terms with it myself .

    Take care sending peace and whitelight 2u lots of love Mags

  • sweets can be regarded as junk food... yea... and losing all that weight. something is not right you know that. I have to tell you about my husband keeping things from me regarding his health. he actually thought he was protecting me, but NO, he was protecting himself, because he did not want to lose his pilot's license once it's noted you have high blood sugar. he was trying to hide it, and hid this for 2 years. then he had a heart attack because of high blood sugar. and he wanted to protect me? ugh!!!!!


    what kind of work does your husband do?


    may I get back to you in a few? thank you for the well wishes.. and the pics from prayer are awesome, I am grateful for your kindness.

    xo Sunny

  • Dear Kaplow ,

    Thats ok i dont mind at all if Ms sunny doesnt thankyou so much for your prayers and i hope that you will find the answers that you are looking for

    Many Blessings 2u Magsx

  • Dear Ms Sunny,

    My husband works at a steel fabricators where they make steel i know that he is dreadfully unhappy there he is trying to find another job, he had an accident at his mums last year were he nearly cut his finger off and had to have microsurgery his work turned against and gave him the hardest time because he had to take time off and things havent been the same since .

    I know that i probably havent helped the situation either because he was going through periods were he wouldnt talk to me and i was constanly at him all the time as well asking

    him whats wrong why arnt you talking have you gone off me?

    not realising that he might be suffering depression at this point because there were no moodswings happening then just no talking at all .

    The no talking started halfaway through last year It was only when he said to me one day i feel like wrapping my car around a pole and be done with ,it out of the blue it then dawned on me that he might be suffering some sort of depression, i asked him why does he feel this way he said he didnt know but its the way he feels i told him you might be suffering depression and

    he said im not going to any doctor taking any pills .

    When he gets in these moodswings its like he has a go at me for every little thing the next day i confronted him over this and he said im not angry at you im angry at everything i know this sounds weird but it seems to happen every sunday lately .

    Thanks for sending me your good vibes i really appreaciate all the help i can get right now

    it means alot . Thanks once again Take care Lots of love Mags x

  • he needs to have someone to talk to, and release this pent up negative energy. it has to go somewhere... such as exercise can rid of a lot of pent up energy. like a dog, if you don't regularly exercise, your pent up energy builds up, and spills over. so now it's onto you. scapegoating he must stop, as it's gotten out of control.

    he could go to a male psycho-therapist and he would benefit from the support. the company's managers are worried about him and the safety of workers. it's a rough business, and the pressure is tough.

    he doesn't feel safe, and is reacting or acting out...

    i have a lot to deal with here, and my husband is not doing so well.. his dad's health is up and down, stil in ICCU and right now it's not looking too rosy for him. i think he will pass on and soon. he will be 93 this November. very frail...

  • Im so sorry to hear that about your father inlaw my thoughts and prayers are with

    you , once again thankyou so much for your help i am ever so grateful for what youve

    done for me , what you say about the managers has given me an insight because he

    never tells me much about what goes on at work , yes i totally agree he needs to let all

    the negative energy out .

    I will leave it at that so you can go and be with your husband as he needs you

    more now than ever ,i have lost my father as well so i totally understand how

    he is feeling during this sad and difficult time my Dad was in icu as well.


    God Bless you and your family

    Wishing you all the best take care lots of love Mags

  • i apologise for my sentences being out of whack i dont know whats causing this to happen

  • living on a prayer>>>>>>Dear Kaplow ,Thats ok i dont mind at all if Ms sunny doesnt thankyou so much for your prayers and i hope that you will find the answers that you are looking forMany Blessings 2u Magsx

    Sunny>>>> sorry you feel I overlooked a heartfelt prayer... I did not mean to override or overlook anyone here. not my intention at all.

    I thank everyone for their kind thoughts, comments and prayers regarding my FIL. He passed away yesterday 3pm pacific time. thank you all for your support.

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