Dear Captain

  • I would like to ask what direction and progress you see in my life in general especially with my career. I work online on a part-time basis but I feel that it gives me much exhaustion and stress. Do you think I should focus instead in applying again to different Companies or seek other online work? You advise is highly appreciated. Thank you

    P.S. - DOB is 9/22/83 which happens to be today in the country where I live.

  • I think you should look for another line of work - you are a very private person who needs solitude regularly but you mustn't hide away from the world all the time. Your abilities lie in communication and you must not fear speaking out or up. Creative writing (especially screenplays), acting or producing, teaching, holistic business enterprises, and metaphysics are all suitable occupations for you. Because your personality is a blend of practicality and mysticism, you are here to bridge the worlds of flesh and spirit. So for example you might start a spiritual business, selling books or teaching seminars devoted to themes of religion, philosophy, new age, ethics and morality, or personal growth. You could be a brilliant public speaker - if you lost your fear - an expert in your field to whom many people would listen and respect. When you are on top of your game, you can be cheerful, humorous, likeable, and masterful. When you speak from your truth, everyone will listen and pay attention. But you must also be willing to learn and listen to others, too.

    However, buried deep inside you is an insecure little girl who thinks she's stupid and fears ridicule or worse if she speaks out. Don't let her hold you back from making your mark in the world, which you have plenty of potential to do. Also don't let any responsibilities to or ideological disputes with your family stop you following your destiny. Although you do need a personal life, you Virgos usually find fulfillment in your career, what you have to say to the world, and how you manage to juggle your public life (which can be enormously simple if you give time to it). Release your need to be taken care of as it interferes with your working destiny. You are definitely smart enough and strong enough to move ahead without family support to become the fine communicator you are destined to be.

  • I am amazed by the words you have told me. You are correct that I am a private person. But,

    it never entered my mind that I could be a brilliant speaker. The thing is, I have just started my blog that centers in inspiring people to manage life and live to the fullest. I just don't know where to focus my self right now in terms of my career. I want to see myself happy and contented in that area aside from the fact that it also has a huge impact in my finances. I'm having financial challenges lately because of a business partnership which did not work and unfortunately, my partner haven't return to me yet the capital I invested. I must admit he gave me a lot of stress and frustration.

  • You should take your own advice from your blog. What would you say to someone like yourself who is confused about her career and lifepath?

  • Dear Captain,

    I would like to try my luck in another country. Will this be a better career move or should I rather stay? Thanks

  • The place doesn't make any difference - if you believe in yourself, you can succeed anywhere.

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