The captin, hanswolfgang, watergirl please help

  • i used to like this guy and take good care of him since he is sick but now i feel like i can't stand him and i have no idea why. his DOB is 04/12/87

    i still have to take care of him as i used to, but i am having this weird feeling that i dont know what it is. i think he likes me still which makes me want to escape from him for good. plz help

  • There can be a lot of power struggles in this relationship - animosities and lost tempers can result if sensitivity, empathy, and responsivness are lacking on the part of either person. Situations where one person acts like the boss and the other like the employee should be avoided at all costs. You two must collaborate, not dominate or master the other. You, Passionate, can be very authoritarian and your friend, who is pretty dominant himself, will not find you easy to be around. There is no deep feeling of love between you that make ease your path together or lead to a very close personal relationship. However, with hard work and resolve, you are both capable of developing enough sensitivity to each other to get along. You can be good friends if you want, since you both value honour and an upfront honest approach. Your friend's dynamism can inspire you to move ahead in the world and your reliability and practicality can in turn be a good foil for his tendency to become unrealistic and fall out of touch with life's harsher realities. As long as power and social envy do not become issues here, the friendship will be stimulating, invigorating and productive.

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