Stuck in a Love Quarrel

  • So Im still In Love with my exboyfriend who is also the father of my child we have had our ups and downs since we broke up six months ago, weve still been seeing each other. about two or three weeks ago he came to me and told me he still loved me and wanted to try again, i was hesitant but still thought we were on the path to healing... then a week later out of nowhere! he tells me he doesnt want to be with me and i said why did you meet someone? well yes but were just friends, just friends but theyre doing it...then he proceeds to tell me, I still love you she knows that. WTF? do people really do that? do women want to have sex with someone even if theyre told the man still loves his ex... so i screamed at him yatta yatta because he deserved it and he says he doesnt know if he'll ever be able to be with me again but once again that he still loves me. well love doesnt keep two people together ive learned this over the past six months.

    Ive met someone, well dating actually so theirs more than one (no sex) but their is one that has really caught my attention and i want to get to know him better and see where things go. suprisingly hes not one in the category of guys im dating he's just a new found friend...but im still hanging on to my ex, how do I let go of him? should I let go of him? i feel like i cant have a healthy relationship with someone new if im still in love with him...I feel that I may only have a short window of opportunity, even though we are becoming better friends... but I think I really like this guy and i dont wanna miss my chance. WHAT SHOULD I DO????


  • Barbara! tell your ex to move over and take your chance! in whatever way the future lets you! your ex obviously has other things on his mind and you should too. and have some fun. i don't believe that love is recycled but created a new with each new relationship you build. your ceilings can be limitless if you let them, but first you must let go of what is keeping you.

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