Love dilema over strong chemistry

  • Hi all, I am married with 2 children, was quite contented, plodding along, nice kind husband and father; when out of the blue met a man, in a professional capacity ,and the chemistry has blown me away, his touch can be sometimes electric other times I can just feel heat (through clothes), our eyes once locked, its was sort of like looking into my own eyes, but I got lost, I was completely drowning and not able to move - bearing in mind there was other people in the room and we were in an office - I had to fight hard to get myself out of this trance, I almost had to throw myself out of it, he must of noticed - how weird is that?? I have also seen him respond to me as well, with what I can only describe as a sudden lightening bolt - so he must be experiencing this too. I dont look into his eyes anymore, too scared to, in fact I transferred branches a couple of months ago so I can stay away from him; I wouldnt be surprised if he thought I wasnt interested in him anymore, as I have been shutting down towards him. But I dont want to, I want him v badly, have never felt like this before, I feel like I love him, although I really dont like to admitt this, he is killing me, I miss him, I am now just existing, I feel heavy, crushed, its hard to move even, but I have to carry on. His position is more professional than mine, it would be quite inproper for him to approach me romantically, although he did send me roses, with a professional message though - confused, did he mean it romantically, it was a strange professional gesture!! But I have never been unfaithful, nor did I ever think I would, but.... I'm just not sure what to do, I would like to contact him and have it out, at least he could tell me where to go, then I can move on - its been over a year now. I am by the way, old enough to know better, old enough to realise these sort of feelings dont happen very often, probably not even once in a lifetime. He is also married with one child, not a completely happy relationship, if colleagues are to be believed. I have not really believed in soulmates or things like that, but after the connection I felt with him, I am beginning to wonder if there really is something in it - were we meant to be together, should we be together, I dont know, sorry very confused and I suppose I'm just looking for a sign whether I should approach him and let him know some of what I feel and see what happens - kill or cure!!! My tarot card reading seemed to suggest I go for it - but I suppose its easy to read things in a way to suit . Please any advice would be really welcome, this is driving me mad, I really cant carry on like this!! Sorry I realise this is quite a garbled message. Anyone else been in a similar situation? Many thanks

  • I just recently replied to another similiar situation and also told her to scan these posts and realise how universal this challange is. Marriage to the right person does not garantee outside attractions. AND not all attractions are heaven sent so step away from the soulmate glitter and see it for what it is. We are capable of being attracted to many people--some intense--sometimes it's in our planets--or in our chemistry tied to our childhood baggage. Mostly we meet these people in passing feel the spark--go D amn! But walk on our way--maybe with a few later lingering thoughts but it disapates. The problem comes when we meet in a situation that keeps us meeting up or gives us an access to meeting--as in the work place THEN we have temptation in play. All intense attractions are not soulmate invites. Attractions are just attractions and should be considered a choice. I pick up this man is magnetic in nature--some people are born with that--plus to top it off you have planets that pull as well and to top that off he has something in comman with your relationship to your father so if you wish to make the best of this challenge he can help you understand your baggage. I see he is the type of man who gets what he wants--is a leader with a midas touch as well--he plays to win. He is an asset to any company that uses him as a front man. His issue is with things--including woman coming to him too easily. He feels a hohum boredness at times and finds it hard to be happy with what he's got. He is so charismatic that he can't feel if people genuily like him for who he really is--he feels at times a fraud under a mask. BUT very rarely will anyone see weakness in him. His relationships suffer over this contradiction--there is a trust issue with women who fall for him. Treat him like the temptation he is and stop letting him enter your thoughts. Make the right CHOICE. He is the big piece of cake when you are alergic---smells good--can taste it --must have it but make the healthy choice! Attaching yourself to him in thought and desire takes real energy--you have given away your power! Take your power back and spend it on your real life--get out of your head! You will regret it if you don't. BLESSINGS! You are loved! You already have all you need!

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