I had a dream I was dead and knew about it?

  • This may sound odd, but in my dream I found out I was dead. I saw a billboard on the side of the road with my name on it and white flowers. I also saw a word in all capital letters written in reverse. I remember the word having KOE but I think there was a number in the word too. Maybe a 1? It was just odd, then I saw the letters MOMO and I saw a phrase that said jasmine (my name) loves mommy. I then became confused because in the dream I had been talking to my parents and family the whole time, and then I started to wonder if I was a spirit just reliving a previous day of some sort. It was all too odd, then I started to take a picture of the wreath of white flowers to send to my friends on my phone but before I could do that I walked through these doors. I ended up in this dark, rather shady bar. I thought about a bible verse saying "as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil" and i didn't fear anything. but a man in a red shirt whispered something in my ear, I turned around and saw his hands around my moms waist. I thought he was trying to harm or take advantage of her so I grabbed him, and started choking him. Before I could knee him in the crotch I woke up. Very, very odd dream indeed.

  • I would focus more on the mother. Is momo what you called your mom perhaps when you were little? Maybe you should call her and ask her how she is doing.

    Usually dying dreams mean change not death.

    There are many elements in nature that protect us and our house like a lemon carried with you all day will draw all the negativity and not let it built up on you. An apple cut in half (horizontally) left on a window pane. A few branches of lavender close to the door will protect your house. You can ask your mother to use some of these elements for protection.

    Be blessed.

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