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  • Good afternoo/ good morning/ good evening everyone lol

    I come here today just to ask for a little bit of help, advice, counsuling and guidance.

    I am currently enrolled in school working on a Business degree. Although i do like the idea

    about it i just can't find interest and inspiration enough to keep on studing this career. My plan is to transfer my credits to a university so that i may finish up my career on System Informations Technology. Now that career does sounds interesting but I just don't know anymore. I have been doing lots of spiritual research and i just can't see the point on studing for so long for a career im not sure i even like. The career does not get me excited at all. I feel that my soul longs for something else and im tired of going to school. I know, it sounds like im giving up on my responsability but why should i waste time, money and energy on a career that won't bring me internal happiness or joy and that won't fulfill my purpose to help the world.

    First of all, school is just a waste of life. I know that it's a life experience but i don't see the point of graduating from high school with an advance diploma if at the end of the day i end up working at a fast food restaurant. I know that the economy is bad and my situation in this country is not the best but still, it is a big disappoinment. I worked so hard on those good grades for nothings. Now for college: Why study all those courses that we won't even use in our future or in whatever we are going to study? The whole point of college is to get as much money from you as they can with classes that you don't even need for the major you're studing.I'm not trying to go against anyone's beliefs here, im just expressing my opinion and concern.

    I am tired of the control money has in the world. I wish it didn't exist. Every day i see my parents getting more tired and old. I'm tired of seeing people work so hard everyday just to pay house bills and other expensives. Working long days and hours just to survive. I am tired of seeing how the whole world is being controlled by a few greedy and heartless people. The power of money. Money is an illusion. I wish we could just see through it.

    I know i drift off the main topic and i apologize lol This problem is my biggest concern today. So about school, i just wanna study something that fullings my inner longing. My mind has changed on the last year or two. I no longer wish to be rich like i used to lol Money is good in many ways but i wish to find a career/job where i can develop my higher self and be of service to people. I have been thinking about massage therapy just because its a relative short time i have to study for it (7 months) but i don't know. I am very curious about Reiki healing arts though. I wish to learn this art and i don't know maybe find a source of income with it. I do not expect much, i just wanna do something that i will be happy to do/practice. I am a little confused though, i guess fear is the one clouding my mind. Im afraid of taking the risk. Maybe i should! there's nothing to fear after all. Fear is an illusion. I just need a little guidance from you my friends.

    Please any feedback is so very welcomed

    Lots of love and peace to the world. 😄

  • You should always do what makes you happy and fulfilled and valued. And the money will always follow your heart's desires.

  • You are looking through awfully dark glasses! I almost shuddered several times---your resolve is so dismal! Read some success stories of people you admire--they will show you how brave one must be to TURN OFF that nag voice that rants--what if this why bother that! It is a gamble--and life starts and zig zags to places never dreamed--it surprises us! College changed my life--no degree but just kept following my bliss----kept taking one class then another--discovering myself more--trying another class---meeting people--making friends who took me places never dreamed--and I'm psychic! AND I was so broke! Sometimes had no car! Honey, the world is not going to come to your door! Get yea out there and begin to begin! Think positive--feel free to fail and learn and fail and succeed and to rise up and meet your destiney--IT IS OUT THERE! How can you know what you want untill you know what you don't want--it's all relative. All I know is all the people who will change your life are out side your home--get out there and let them find you--College is never a waste. I have been connected to several colleges for 25 years! I hooked up to famouse writers--made spiritual connections---got excellent job skills---networked to the point of having a pretty plump resume---even without a official degree--I have tons of credits! Education will open your world! I garantee! Blessings! JUST DO IT!

  • ***The Captain

    Thank you so much for your beautiful advice 😄

    Lots of love and hugs 🙂

    *** Blmoon

    This is the reason why i love coming this place. To learn from all of you, you my friends have done a huge change in me. From you I learn all the time, from you i know what my mistakes are. I just read what i wrote and some parts do make me laugh, i was too anxious and i guess worried when i wrote that comment lol but yeah im always here to learn from everything and i want to thank you so very much Blmoon for opening my eyes again. You are absolutely right. I something read too much and get things confused in my mind lol. Bu you're right. I do like going to college but im too quiet and can't seem to able to make any friends. I guess i don't know how to make friends. I've never been the social type with strangers, this is something i wish to change but i don't know how... And yes everything we do in our lives in never a waste, we are in the moment for a reason. I always wanted to go to college since i was very little and now that i am in college i can't seem to appreciate the fact that I AM in college! lol Education WILL open my world, that i can totally feel it in me. I guess sometimes I'm just lazy ahahaha. My life seems a little busy at the time even when i don't even have that much homework but i will try making space to go OUTSIDE. I do want to meet new people, make new friends.

    Thank you Blmoon 🙂

    Lots of love and hugs!

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