Do scorpios like affection or to be pursued?

  • I can never tell if a Scorpio man is going to deny me if I reach in for a kiss or touch his hand. He gives off all the clues he's interested but comes off a bit shy or unsure to make a move. He says at school I don't act like I'm interested or miss him but it's because of his shyness. Do they like subtle affection during the day? Any thoughts? Also do scorpios like to be chased or do they want to be the chasers?

  • Scorpios like honesty. Are not thinned skinned. They are not shy

    but can look reserved or seem shy when really they are for the moment trying to contain all those intense feelings they tend to have --to the max. I've never met a scorpio man afraid of a kiss or touch from someone he's attracted to. The younger ones can be nervouse about public displays that may cause teasing from guys (they hate being laughed at) but mostly a scorpio man is made for physical connection. Of course everyone has other planetery influences working but in general scorpio men live for hot sparks any time of the day. You sound like the shy one--speak up--point blank and ask your scorpio this question. They respect that. As for chasing or being chased--both. They detest weakness in any form---do not ever chase to the point of neediness. They will step all over a doormat--prefer a woman who is fair and real and pushes back when they deserve the boot. They do not play games--they play for keeps so never use that joulesy card to get their attention. They can seem insensitive or brazen when you do not speak up as they hate having to read minds. Again I'd repeat that mostly they respond to honesty--so speak up and be ready for the truth because the scorpio will not hold back just to be nice. AND if you have gotten too close you will know because they will sting you good to back out of their space. When this happens try not to make too much more out of it than it really is. People misunderstand their little stings. Just give them their space and they'll connect when they are ready. I love Scorpios--they are some of my favourite folks! Loyal to the max and never dull!

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