Do scorpion men like affection or to be pursued?

  • I can never tell if a Scorpio man is going to deny me if I reach in for a kiss or touch his hand. He gives off all the clues he's interested but comes off a bit shy or unsure to make a move. He says at school I don't act like I'm interested or miss him but it's because of his shyness. Do they like subtle affection during the day? Any thoughts? Also do scorpios like to be chased or do they want to be the chasers?

  • Km12,

    they like to be pursued.

    Do they like subtle affection during the day? Yes.

    Any thoughts? Be an empress for them, otherwise they will want to dominate you.

    Also do scorpios like to be chased or do they want to be the chasers? neither nor.

    Simply float... And that is the way for your growth.

    If you want to settle, it is difficult to settle with a

    person who has not strong vibes...

  • @ KM12, I know my ex loved affection...he liked to be greeted with hugs and kisses. @ Hans can you give me some insight on my scorp ex? He ended the relationship stating tha the didn't want to do the girlfriend/boyfriend thing anymore and that he wanted to remain friends and he wanted me in his life because I am a wonderful person. Well it did hurt me because he had talked so much about a future including marriage, a home together, his son loved me, as well as friends and family. Well I said something to him out of anger about his past relationships(he didn't make wise choices with women) and he hurt his ego, he shut me out, froze me, told me to live him alone forever, but I continued to be a sometimes he responds to my text and calls(because I am a caring virgo i just like to check on him). I am confused because it seems he is trying to keep a door open in my life and even when he says he wants me to leave him alone he called 3 times and when we finally talked he said that he can't be my friend right now and that I need to understand boundaries first. He is relocation to the west coast now. I still love him and his son and we had a great connection, he asked for the relationship, and his son took well to me. I am wondering is he going thru something or if I really did something to him. A mutual friend did tell me that my ex said he expected us to last longer, but it seems he gave up and alll of our problems seemed to stem from a lack of communication....I am 8-28-82, he is 11-8-76

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