Past Life

  • Would someone be as kind to do a past life reading for me? 🙂

  • Hi there

    Hope you dont mind if i do this.

    If i may i like to talk about your present life first, looks to me that you can describe yourself as someone who is very driven. I can say this is caused by how you were raised and the values that were taught to you since young. Along with that however is a stubbornness that seems to be your main weakness at times.

    I mentioned your present life because from my knowledge your past, present and future incarnations are linked by key characteristics of your being.

    In the past your stubbornness has brought sorrow into your life, you could have done so much for yourself but you failed to humble yourself and you were unable to reap the rewards you could have recieved.

    This repeats itself in the future incarnation as a person who neglects being tactful and simply speaks your mind often causing emotional hurt to another party, this along with the failure to admit will cause yet another catastrophic outcome in your lifetime

  • Thanks for your answer. You are right in one thing, I am very stubborn and speak my mind sometimes coming across as harsh but I think it has more to do with my English than anything. It's hard to express myself in English since it's my second language. 🙂

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