Captain, as you asked

  • Is your desire for companionship a need or a want?

  • a want, to need ,would mean that i could not be by myself..that holds no fear for i said there is nothing worse than feeling lonely when you are with someone...

  • Then you don't need to know if these people you ask about will accompany you through life or not. You will just be content to go with the flow of life and see what happens, providing your help and support even if they won't be around for long.

  • You're right, as i said, i am in a transitionary place on the path, right now, going with the flow is something i have to re learn..


  • Capitain- Thank you very much for all of your insights to this point. I would like to ask if by chance the vibes for january 23 1964 individual have calmed down? , if you can tell? I ask out of concern, i did dend and email, but as you predicted have not heard back from him as of yet.

    Again , Blessings and may the universe continue to light your way with love.

  • When you do hear from him, it will be a sign that his life has calmed down A LOT. He won't contact you while he is still in great turmoil. Though he should reach out for help.

  • Captain-

    thanks....part of my learning curve right now is to just let the universe guide me, and tho i am struggling with that , knowing that i may hear from he is good enough at this point. I will send and email now and again, but not push. He should reach out , but I think he is too afraid of being hurt..

    when we were close he withdrew because of that fear, and as i had never really felt such a connection to someone before it was baffling. He has many special traits and a genuine warmth. I miss those aspects of our friendship.

    Thank you again for the insight -many blessings , i hope it will be ok if i contact you again.

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