Captain, as you asked

  • Captain-as you asked i have begun a new topic so that you might answer me here.

    Again my dob is March 17 1957. I have entered a transitory stage in my life, and would like to know what you can tell me about its direction. Especially regarding relationships, I appreciate any insight you migh be able to give me.

    Again, may the universe shine its light on you. (by the way, its Qmfergus, not Gmfergus)


  • As you grow older and more mature, Qmfergus, and gather an increasing seriousness of purpose and ownership of your own authority in your life, you might leave behind some friends, lovers or even your spouse if you have one. This is your destiny, not a weakness or a sad circumstance of life. New partners for you with a more sensible perspective will emerge. You are moving towards relationships that are more equally balanced and fair in their distribution of power. You are coming to understand that you should not allow others to become dependent on you - even children must learn to stand on their own eventually. You are growing out of your earlier reactivity and obsessiveness to become more wise, aloof and authoritative. The best thing for you to have is a close circle of friends. No matter what difficulties and disappointments you encounter in relationships, particularly those with family, spouse or colleagues, you will always be able to fall back on your friends for sympathy and support in yor time of need. Your journey through life is like that of a wild horse that has been captured and tamed. Though the horse must be broken to accept the saddle, if it is done properly, it doesn't lose its heart. Lovingly transformed from its wild state to one of domesticity, it ultimately develops a symbiotic relationship with its master. Even though tame, such a horse can exhibit a pride, stature, or bearing that commands not only respect or affection but reverence.

    The focus in 2010 for you is all about freedom and adventure. In all, this a free-wheeling year that is liable to bring major changes to your life - your career, your family situation, your residence. Horizons are expanded and growth is less impeded. You are likely to make a number of new friends this year as social activities are expanded. This is a year that will bring excitement and adventure and a good deal more liberty than you have experienced in recent years. This is a time for feeling loose and free; for moving away from old routines in a constructive way. If you became bogged down during the past year, now is the time to seek out new directions.

    The year asks for flexibility, since the universe often brings rewards in unexpected ways. In the event that you hold resistance, changes can come that will catapult you forward. There may be some amount of risk in the year, but rewards are what 2010 wishes to bring. Sometimes relationships at a distance and travel are highlighted. Take time to acknowledge how hard you have worked the last few years. Acknowledge your perseverance, attitudes, belief changes, hard work, practice of self-love, and focus on your hopes and dreams. It may be time to plan a little trip for yourself this year. It could be a simple small outing, a series of outings, or even a more extensive trip. You have earned it! Improve a room in your home so that it is more suitable for new projects that you may want to begin. By creating a way to be more flexible in your home and workspace, it will help you attract more opportunities. It might be time to take up a new form of movement or exercise. Find something that you feel is fun and stimulating. You might buy some new music to which to listen.

    This is a wonderful time for reunions with family and friends in other areas. It's also a great time for making new friends, locally or across the globe. You could create a pen-pal, or perhaps you may find that long distant relationships with loved ones are highlighted. This is a year to expand your sense of what is possible. Often by sharing and connecting with people in other areas, or even other cultures, you expand your sense of possibility. Take a risk! Submit an idea or something you've worked on--perhaps a creative project that you've enjoyed--to a publication or a community based project. You are expanding your horizons to include yourself in more opportunities. Assess your current goals and life mission. Acknowledge what you accomplished during the last few years, and what you are still working toward. Recreate your goals, reflect on how they fit in your life now, and recommit yourself to what you want to create. Next, define baby steps that may help you get there. Ask yourself where you can take some calculated risks that can open new doors. Remember to allow for miracles, and not to be too attached to each step. Allow the universe to bring you wonderful surprises.

    It can be an exciting year of mental pursuits and really digging in, exploring new ideas, travelling near and far and attracting a new, fresh pool of clients and “fans”. In terms of the harvest, the tree that you’ve planted begins to blossom and it attracts many other things to it. You may find yourself attracting new people, more opportunities, and adopting a new paradigm that will allow you to grow more effortlessly. Having said that, along with all of this excitement and new opportunities often comes feelings of restlessness. You may feel pulled in too many different directions and hop from idea to idea before you complete anything. This is the time to get out of destructive interpersonal relationships as well as business relationships that offer no chance for progression. Sticking with old models or stagnant ways of doing or being is like sealing the coffin for you. You must surround yourself with people who are living life and are looking for opportunities to stretch themselves both personally and professionally. You will feel a pull to indulge your senses. Be careful not to overindulge in anything whether it be sex, food, training, drugs, or anything that leads to addiction. This will take you off your path and while seemingly pleasurable at the time, will have long term consequences. The overall lesson for this year is that with discipline comes freedom.

    It is possible that more than one crisis will unfold for you at this time. Always remember that the Chinese alphabet characters for crisis are actually change + opportunity. Not all change needs to bring distress, and it is also just as likely that there may be very pleasant surprises and opportunities in store for you at this time. To reap the benefit of these opportunities, you will need to remain positive and optimistic in your outlook. Reconstruct your life in a way that feels more authentic to you. This is a time for taking action, expressing yourself (particularly through writing), and finding new people, new places and new situations.

  • Captain-

    Thank you for your insight, you have given me much to consider. Much of it is right on target.

    One other question if you don't mind. There is an idividual in my life who I am torn over. Male dob jan 23 1964. Is there a possibility of a future for this relationship from what you can see?

    Again many thanks, and may the universe continue to shine its light over you.

  • A love affair between you and this man can be magical, ephemeral, and hard to pin down. You two have extreme empathy - each person's sensitivity to the other's wishes, moods and feelings is high, often anticipating them in a highly gratifying way - and may even cause you both real pain. You have antennae out for each other. You gladly share each other's problems but may at times have trouble distinguishing your own difficulties from those of the other - ego boundaries can blur here and identities merge. In the longterm, resolute willpower will have to be employed to retain each person's individuality.

    Although your friend is more mentally focused and you more emotionally oriented in everday matters, such differences are more likely to complement than to disturb the relationship. This relationship is likely to focus on theoretical realms not easily approached or understood by other people. Philosophical speculation comes naturally to you as individuals, a trait which the synergy of your relationship magnifies. The relationship's psychic solidarity is strong. Trying to uncover the laws behind daily reality can become a lifelong search here.

  • Captain-

    Thank you, again much is on target. I am trying to decide if i should continue to reach out

    to this person or not..There has been a strong connecton, can you see anything else.?

    Blessings and thanks for all that you have shared with me.

  • Like what?

  • if i should keep reaching out or not

  • Well, does the description of the relationship I gave you sound like what you are looking for?

  • the description sounds much like it has been in the past. We came together, and enjoyed one anothers company for quite some time. Then, due to circumstances were not able to continue as we had. The thing is, i still feel a connection to this individual. But, have not been able to speak with him. I may well be asking a question that cannot be answered, but do i keep trying or just let go, does he want me to keep the door open?

  • Are you two in contact?

  • we had been. then he drew back. isaw him a month or so ago, and tho conversation was stilted, we did well. he has not replied to emails, but he has a job that requires lots of travel .

  • Your friend spends a lot of his time and energy pursuing his career and denying his feelings which he is afraid of expressing. He buries his worries and emotions in his work. He can live in his head a bit too much - he prefers to appear cool, analytical and detached. At the moment, he is feeling very worried and stressed and his moods are swinging wildly - which you probably know because you have this empathic link. But he doesn't feel comfortable complaining to you or anyone - he's afraid it would be seen as a weakness. He likes to be fully in control of himself and will retreat or disguise his feelings when stressed or upset. This is when your special connection can come in handy - reach out to him and say that you felt uneasy about him and was he OK? He might just open up a little but don't expect it to be easy. He needs to learn how to emotionally connect and share himself with others or he will burst with all that pent-up feeling.

  • Captain-

    Again ,There is truth in what you have told me... Be assured, i am looking for guidance on my transitionary path at this time,and i know that there are no hard and fast answers, i pressed on this issue because of the link that i feel and did not want to be reactionary in my dealings at this time. I will continue to offer a hand of friendship, knowing that he is in turmoil. The universe has provided you a gift.

    I would ask one more question before i take some time to meditatte on the information you have provided. There is an nidividual, dob: 2/16/42 who i think i have come to the end of the road with. could you tell me if you see the paths diverging for us. It is an aspect i have been wrestling with.

    I appreciate all of the insight you have graciously goven me to this point.

    May the universe continue to shine is gentle and loving light on you-


  • That other relationship was a very deeply emotional and mysterious one, wasn't it? It offered complexity and challenge. The relationship can be frightening in a way, like a scary adventure ride. You two see each other as you really are, stripped of role-playing or pretense. It is not pleasure or satisfaction that is gained here but self-actualization. The relationship then is a test that is either passed or failed. Either way, when it's done, it's done for good.

  • captain-

    actually i doubt that i was ever seen for who i was by the Feb 16th 1942 individual,i cannot tell anymore, or perhaps more accurately i am not the same person that i was. That is the reason for my query.

    I feel more of a connection to the jan 23 1964 individual, more myself.

    The interplay of light and shadow is more vibrant there. More myself, that is the reason for my questions.

    Anything else that you can tell me about the path forward and what role these individuals might play in my life would be appreciated. As i said before, guidance is my focus....

    thank you for all you have helped with so far.

    May the universe continue to shine its light on you and embrace you in its warmth.


  • It would be better to discover what role you have to play in your own life than depend on anyone else to take the stage.

  • Ah captain, that is what i have realized and am focusing on. my bath has been , eventful i suppose is the word i will use, and i am now learning to let my self accept the day and not force it.

    I have asked about these individuals because they have been influences...but, its my path to walk....i was just wondering which one will be walking the next part with me.

    Again, blessing...i have a lot to think about. I will let my friend know of my concern for him abd leave that door open. The other, well that too is to consider....letting go has begun..

    May the universe shine it light on you..i will check in with you again at some point if thats ok-


  • Ask yourself - do you really need one or the other of these people - or anyone else - to walk beside you through life? What is it you think you need that these people might give you and that you cannot give yourself? Would you collapse if you only have yourself as a support? It's fine to want companionship - humans are social animals, after all - but you don't need a crutch to walk.

  • interesting...i actually more than comfortable being on my own. Which is something a lot of people don't get. There is nothing worse than being lonely while in some other persons company. Companionship really is the better thing, and when together I felt more comfortable with the january individual, thats why I wondered about our vibe together and if it seemed likely to work out, i am not seeking to give myself up to anyone, only to share part of my life with them as


  • captain-

    I realized that i had hit the enter key before i finished. What i was saying was that i am not seeking to give myself up to anyone, only to share a part of my life with them as i travel the path, and was wodering of the janaury individual was likely to share it with me.

    Blessings and may the universe shine its light on you and yours

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